Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Natural Tummy Tuck

As a young boy involved in Pop Warner football at the age of 12, we had a coach who was easily 250 lbs. when that was not so common a sight in the world, and the team of impressionable young boys' perception of him was that he was just a fat guy with a notably big gut -- which kind of undermined his credibility as a coach tremendously. Since it was the first year of our organization into competition, for which I had personally recruited most of the team, they looked up to me as the leader because I was just in naturally good shape.

One day however, after a practice in which his authority was questioned, he did the unusual thing for him of taking off his shirt and sucking his gut in to reveal one of the most impressive physiques I had ever seen -- which was the first hint to an unbelieving team, that he actually might have been the All-American football athlete he once was, and knew what he was talking about. Everyone was shocked in the sudden and impressive transformation only kids would imagine possible.

Later on in my younger years, I hung around a lot of gyms and got to see a lot of these former great athletes who had gone into professional wrestling as one of the venues in which they could continue to work with their natural proclivities. Not only was this kind of instant transformation possible with most of them, but when I later met some of the great naturally gifted bodybuilders and trained alongside many of them, it became very apparent that they were drawn to bodybuilding because of these fascinatingly exceptional abilities to transform themselves.

In almost all cases, it was to exaggerate their appearances to look awesome -- but a lesser known and exhibited ability among that crowd, is also the ability to look in terrible condition too. Only a few would jokingly play around in that manner, but some people who were well known public figures exploited these abilities -- usually as "performers" -- finally reaching its ultimate form in the kung-fu, martial arts movies which is a series of poses -- long having surpassed the eye's ability to follow the movement -- from one impressive transformation to the next -- but omitting the most impressive of them all, which would be from a terribly out of conditioned form to an immaculately impressive one -- and vice-versa.

But they do have that ability -- but why would they want to look terrible? What would be the point? However, some people pride themselves in their ability to "play all the parts," as demonstration of their remarkable abilities -- while many others do it just to fit in and be considered "normal."

Modern education has reinforced the notion that change takes a lot of time, energy and money -- and that we must go through them first to achieve our ultimate goals, when in fact, the most successful of any field of industry, are those who create and challenge all the rules, and in this manner, create whole new worlds of possibilities and seeing them (paradigms).

One hopes that happens in every life -- that they get to meet a few that expand the frontiers with their thinking and doing -- because that's what they were born in the world to do, and their lives is the summation of evolution up to this point -- and then somebody will take it further. But that's another story, another life, and we just need to concern ourselves with one, for the moment.

The normal human being has muscles to express this range of movement, abilities and appearance that far exceed their idea of what is momentarily possible for virtually every individual. They've just never been taught the importance, or need, except when studying in a formal class for that instruction and competition. People seldom instruct really being in condition because it is not in the best interest of the instructor to divulge that information immediately -- but one is expected to apprentice for many years first to demonstrate their worthiness and dedication to receiving such wisdom.

Those are the great traditions of "physical culture," in which the master often demanded of the disciple, unquestionable and undeniable obedience -- to learn all the secrets. Many other disciplines in the past also adopted that manner of teaching and instruction -- that many years, hard work and of course, lots of money -- because the gods of wisdom, do not come cheap and easy.

Usually in the movies, the prodigy realizes it himself -- that the great lesson was there before him all along, but he could not see it because of his past erroneous conditioning to confuse and complicate it.

As an exercise for reducing one's girth, suck in one's gut to make it as small as possible -- 50 times. That's probably the greatest transformation anybody can do -- in whatever present condition they're in.


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