Sunday, November 21, 2010

How Life Gets Better

The way to get around all the rules and regulations, is to be "The Original..."

They can't regulate what nobody has done before, or they can't imagine anybody doing.

That's why they can regulate the craftsman, but not the artist.

There's no law against creating a new idea or a different way of doing things -- only the same things everybody else is doing. That's why it is so important to label and categorize people and actions, so that somebody has jurisdiction over it, and can tell everybody else what to do and how to do it.

Unless of course, they have no idea what you are doing -- because they haven't thought of it themselves before, and then you are the first, making up the rules as you do it. And then once they figure out what you are doing and pass laws to regulate it, you do something else -- differently.

That's particularly helpful in retirement and combating the aging (senility) process in remaining a viable and growing person throughout life. It works for the young too.

That is the frontier and challenge of life in these times -- when obviously, people are living longer lives that could be much better also. In fact, the fact that they are living longer, merely improves the chances that they can be living better -- and not merely the familiar old patters (of aging) longer. That's not ultimately meaningful -- to simply live longer in declining health and abilities -- as the best one can hope for.

Instead, there is a need for a new paradigm of life, not dominated by the aging paradigm, so that one is merely getting better, or worse, and there is something one can do about it -- rather than just resign themselves to those facts off life.

Particularly troublesome is the present paradigm of aging people requiring more dependence on others to live their lives -- that begins with the indoctrination that they should let the professionals and experts do all their thinking and talking for them, after they have properly identified themselves as Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, rich or poor, black or white, besides young or old.

All that is a merely distraction and smokescreen from the essential issue at hand -- which is, am I getting better, or worse, and what can
I do to get better? That basic consideration, becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

That becomes one's motive drive and lifestyle -- as opposed to the often repeated conventional one in which one simply learns the way things have been done by everyone before -- usually without great, or equal success -- yet the mass institutions, think that is the way everyone should/has to do it, even if it doesn't work, because that is what the experts and self-vested professionals say, must be done (for their benefit and self-aggrandizement).

Predictably, that is often not the best, or in the best interests, of the individuals themselves -- especially when the agency providing that information, is promoting ever more of their services, at increasing compensation to themselves, even if the results of the study, is to indicate a need for more studies (and the funding thereof).

That is what we've come to see in the mass media, as "public service announcements," or advocacy information -- which is not so obvious, as self-promotion. It is a technique used to convince us that our support and patronage, is for our benefit and not their own -- which is to whom all that increased funding would go to.


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