Sunday, May 18, 2008

Can You Just Enjoy What Is --

without trying to make it into something other than it already is? That is the quality of appreciation and gratitude that probably is the single greatest differentiator among people in contemporary American life today -- those who can appreciate what they already have, and those who cannot, no matter how much they have -- they always want, and demand more, or something other than they already have.

Obviously, it is not that most people are homeless and destitute -- although many talk that way if they do not have everything they want, regardless of what they already have, which like many Christmas presents, are neglected and ignored once they have been opened. The entirety of the joy, was just in the getting and the anticipation of the getting -- and so anything they have, only stoked their demand for the constantly “More” (Better).

This mentality is present in every field of activity and pursuit -- and largely distinguishes those who are “successful” from those who aren’t. “Successful” people appreciate their successes -- as well as their failures, while those who cannot experience this success, can neither appreciate their successes or their failures, and in fact, will denigrate and degrade any successes they do have into a mighty failure.

These people think they are being very humble and virtuous in never allowing themselves to take any joy in their good fortune -- and so life is just one huge disappointment after another, with no enjoyment of anything, no victory, no accomplishment. Some people use this manner of thinking as a motivator -- which is obviously very destructive to one’s mental health. It scars one permanently with this sense of inadequacy and also entitlement -- that no matter how much they have in life, they are entitled to something more and better.

Often, such people do not think they have this “entitlement” mentality and actually believe that they are the truly deserving in life -- but of course, they are entitled to more and better.

Such thinking in societies of abundance and prosperity, become a mental illness -- because the reliable guide of human need, has been replaced by this kind of greed, that has been made into their virtue of depriving themselves of any pleasure, achievement and enjoyment of anything they have and do.


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