Saturday, May 10, 2008

It Really Doesn’t Take Much

Exercise and fitness have become great problems in contemporary life because people think they have to do way too much, rather than just enough -- and it is the “just enough,” that is beneficial, and not the “way too much.”

Something that is growing very rapidly and wildly popular among the “aging” baby boom generation, is the resorting to plastic surgery to alter one’s appearance, before trying the simple remedies of using their own muscles to effect such changes -- temporarily, appropriately, and as needed.

The eyebrows on most people can be raised whenever one thinks it is appropriate, if not naturally inclined to do so -- without having to permanently place one’s face in that inalterable expression. In fact, the muscles of the human body allow practically any expression one wants to effect -- including and especially the expressions of the face, and in most people only necessitate the development and conditioning of those muscles to do so -- which is the highly desired eyebrow and chin lift.

There are actually muscles that perform those movements quite unfailingly -- when required or requested to do so. In most people, that should be their first line of resort, rather than consulting with the best plastic surgeons -- who can create that look, as a permanent feature and appearance of the body. But the naturally ability to do so, resides in most people’s capacities -- just as standard equipment most people have, but never think to exercise and develop.

The major difference between bodybuilders and others who take great pride and joy in their appearance and most others, is mainly that they want to look and be that way -- more than that they were born that way. There's still a cultural stigma against people looking good -- and early on, people are forced to either become intellectuals, or vapid but pretty. There is no reason they can’t be both -- and there is every reason that they should be as completely developed as it is humanly possible for them to do so.

Some may relent that achieving some things are all right, as long as one does not desire them too greatly or work too hard at them -- or conversely, it is only all right if one desires them too greatly, and works too hard at it. But really, the great attainment of every life, should be full development, of every facet of one’s life that makes it possible and enjoyable to do so.


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