Monday, November 10, 2008

Freedom From the Machines

The problem with exercise machines, is that they generally increase the resistance through the range of movement in which the muscle is not fully contracted -- or in a position of its greatest structural integrity -- precluding the possibility of a maximum contraction.

Because of the intelligence and evolution of natural design, the body will ONLY allow a maximum (powerful) contraction (release of force) in a position in which it is safe to do so --or it risks the inevitability of injury, to provide such a powerful explosiveness when the body is in its most vulnerable positions.

Classic examples of injury producing positions are to place a very heavy load on a knee in the full squat position and then try to move out of that position. The violence of such a powerful contraction in the knee’s most vulnerable position risks -- or ensures damaging the knees, or is so hurtful and painful to many, that they won’t even consider such movements.

Yet most exercise machines supposedly working or developing the leg muscle structures, absolutely demand such movement. In designing equipment counterintuitive to the natural intelligence, design and evolution of such structures, naturally the individual will rebel and rightfully question such actions -- as a sign of their intelligence and awareness of one thing being related to everything else, and their knowledge of the general principles of underlying realities.

So to the question, what kind of machine will produce the greatest resistance in the proper position it is safe to do so? -- the answer is that no machine is necessary, or possible to achieve that peak contraction. Another example of this point is the commonly designed bench press machine, in which while lying on a bench, the individual straightens his arm directly in front of him (while lifting a weight) -- as though in doing so, that required the chest and arm muscles to fully contract.

However, once in the presumed “finished” position while holding no weight, it is difficult to discern any required muscle contraction to hold that position -- and in fact, the muscles can be quite relaxed while holding that position. But when one moves the straightened arm towards the shoulder of the opposite side, that movement then requires the contracting of the chest, shoulder and arms muscles to effect -- which is simultaneously powerfully resisted by the mass of the muscle that is already there. Attempting to move further in the completion of the movement of the elbow towards the opposite shoulder, meets a natural resistance that cannot be overcome.

In like manner, a similar effective movement can be designed to achieve the greatest contraction possible for any muscle of the body -- and the addition of any machine to do so, is always counterproductive to that objective and clarity of purpose.

Most of the muscles in the body have never been taught how to achieve maximum contraction -- which is the very powerful transformative effect of muscles -- no matter what condition one is presently used to being in. But all that can change momentarily -- if one is clear about that purpose, and even the possibility.

When do we learn to do that? Most don’t, and so are powerless to change, and to effect changes, and think merely going through the motions, has some kind of magical, mystical powers.


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