Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Note to Readers

Those familiar with me and my writing, know that I write anywhere and anytime, representing and embodying new thought whenever an opportunity presents itself -- and afterwards, those thoughts may be expanded and expounded at greater length and detail than the original window of opportunity presented itself. Often they limit them to 1000 characters or less, which is about 200 words, whereas my preferred format and genre is the 500 word, exactly one-page essay, justifying my belief, that anything worth saying, can be said in one page or less.

That may be an actual requirement in an age of abundant things to read. Nobody has time to indiscriminately read 1,000 pages, to find out what the author meant -- only at the end, and more often than not, there was nothing to say, but kept one turning the pages. A lot of the old media was designed that way -- that the major reason for its being, was to keep one reading and searching for the answers, because the more one read, the more confused one became, as though the purpose was entertainment, rather than information efficiently and economically obtained.

This new manner, makes entire industries devoted and dedicated to wasting as much time as possible, obsolete, as there is no room in contemporary life for learning for its own sake -- in the mistaken notion that one is doing anything useful or purposeful. I think one has to be awfully bored and misguided to seek “professional” entertainment, instead of finding everything they are doing in their daily lives as entertaining and engaging.

That appeal for mass entertainment is one of the things I find most peculiar of the times we now live in -- that many of an older generation, still largely live through media personalities and celebrities of having to find out what “Oprah” thinks or what “Today” thinks is what we should all be now thinking. I recall in a younger age of reporting that one dutifully saw the “Tonight” show and discussed those items as though that was the bonding everyone displayed to show how “current” they were on what needed to be known.

That was the beginnings of
political correctness -- which is how we all ought to be thinking about things, because that’s what the supposed powers-that-be, wish us to think.

Fortunately, in my life, I’ve had many encounters with larger-than-life real people who do their own thinking and were invariably at odds with such popular media and the self-proclaimed dictators of what everybody should be thinking.


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