Thursday, September 18, 2008

Instant Fitness

The great teacher of the 20th century, Krishnamurti, was asked if one could attain enlightenment by meditating one hour a day -- to which he responded, “If you could meditate even a minute a day, the world would be transformed.”

That is the power of being totally at one with everything in the universe -- rather than as most people do, consume their entire lives and energies, fighting everything else in the world -- yet many are conditioned precisely in that manner, to create a struggle with what is against what they would like it to be, or think it ought to be.

Meditation is total awareness of what is -- which is the mind operating in its powerful way beyond thought, which filters and distorts reality into ideas, deals and ideologies, and what is important to understand, is reality, the truth, what is.

That is the problem of daily living -- the misunderstanding of the truth for what a few would like it to be, and this separation of what is from the ideal, is time, so that one can only be in condition, in shape, and right, at some other time, and not this very moment, but if one is all there, in that moment, then all the problems of the mind disappear -- and there is only the directness and clarity of reality.

Whatever condition one is in, or thinks they are in, still has the highest level of actualization possible in that moment -- and by fulfilling it, and not delaying it again into some other time, one learns to be powerful in doing the best they can, under any given circumstances.

A poorly conditioned person, will never attain that fulfillment at any time in their lives -- and in fact, the more they achieve, the more they feel inadequate and deficient -- because there is always some time (in the future or past) in which they could be better, but never in the present moment.

That gratification is always delayed and deferred, to some other time, some other reality, even the desire for the integration of mind with body, instead of integrating the mind with the body, in one’s movement. That is what some researchers describe as being in the flow -- of moving with the synergy of all the forces in the world, and feeling this choiceless awareness that is meditation in movement. That state of grace, is what transforms and makes all things possible, and real -- and not merely wishing it were something else.


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