Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Ideal Fitness Regimen

Except for the barriers arbitrarily designed by those who wish to ensure their own job security and “professional” monopoly, the ideal exercise (fitness) program is also the easiest to implement -- which would be to incorporate a five minute conditioning program to effect optimal alertness, awareness and peak functioning for that ensuing task/lesson.

But somewhere along the line, such preconditioning was not thought to be necessary, desirable or even possible -- in the course of doing anything else, except in athletics -- but widely believed instead, that optimal physical functioning, is totally unrelated to optimal performance in anything else -- including thinking and learning. But it is at the height of this alertness, that learning and doing anything, is at its peak of effectiveness.

This error is largely due to the widely repeated belief that the purpose of exercise and conditioning, is to get the heart pumping -- as though it was actually necessary to do so, rather than the given that it should properly be regarded -- so that one is free to focus on those functions that are consciously voluntary.

The proper functioning of the heart is not what most lay persons need to give any attention to -- because that functioning is automatic (autonomic) to what it has to be for the appropriate situation. It adjusts to all the voluntary movements one makes -- and in that way, is already hardwired to be perfect. It is not what needs to be trained (conditioned) to function optimally.

It is the properly functioning of everything else that is paramount and significant. However, such a major detour onto wrong thinking and the wrong track, set this arena of human activity and pursuits back into retardation and de-evolution for the mass majority except those in athletics -- who have to know better to disregard such expertise because they know it has no relevance to what they are doing. In no event or competition, is a sustained average performance desirable. It is attaining a peak performance even for a second, that makes the difference.

Although it is sometimes not obvious, the objective of any attempt, is not to make as many of them as possible, but to do as few as possible -- while obtaining the maximum result -- and if one can do that, many attempts are not necessary to achieve that one best. But it is only that one best -- or peak, that differentiates -- and not length or duration of average, or mediocre effort -- which would be useful to what purpose?

Actually, there are a lot of activities in which one can be rewarded for nothing in particular but to “look busy.” Such people of course, come to think that merely looking busy, is enough to achieve any result -- instead of merely fooling those who don’t know better, that something is being done -- when it effectively isn’t.

But one has to be indoctrinated into not being able to tell the difference -- and even preferring, the opposite to the reality.


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