Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Meaning of “Conditioning”

The purpose of conditioning oneself for fitness, is not so that one can go out and kill themselves, thus eliminating themselves from the gene pool and collective intelligence of the universe. Every action, thought, and deed, is a contribution to the greater fitness for survival for everyone, living anywhere -- including and especially one’s self. That’s how it works.

Therefore, when one’s behaviors are of this quality of thoughtfulness, that is how thoughtfulness is manifested and brought into this world, and becomes the DNA of the present reality. These discussions always seem metaphorical and metaphysical slightly ahead of their time -- and the reason it must be, is because it requires a leap into the unknown, from a well-reasoned past, rather than just mindlessly reinforcing a thoughtless conformity and obedience to the (political) “correctness” of those who have largely self-appointed themselves as the authorities and authoritarians of this field -- of which their primary work, is to keep everyone out of it.

That was a fairly successful model in the 20th century of increasing specialization and fragmentation of experience -- but those on the leading edge, as there always are, realized that this manner, caused the disintegration of life as a whole into the many, increasingly petty parts, which lost all meaning and comprehension and frequently worked against itself -- in self-defeating (-isolating) activity.

And so it seemed, the more one did, the more there was to do -- perpetuating the problems indefinitely, rather than being the cessation of them -- which was the original intent and purpose. The objective of conditioning, is not to require more conditioning -- but to obtain those behaviors that no longer require conscious deliberation and effort.

The success of conditioning is that it is integrated into the rest of one’s life -- as just the way one does things conditionally, although at first, it required very thoughtful, deliberate effort to effect. That’s really where “fitness” as a social phenomenon should be -- not necessarily for everyone, but for the pioneers on the leading edge of these movements. Their thinking and activity, eventually filters into the mainstream, even as most are not ready to embrace the new, improved and better -- but have been conditioned to follow the leaders, unquestioningly and obediently.

But it is in physical conditioning, that one has the advantage of directly verifiable experience to learn from -- more productively than just the conjectures that often pass for the truth, because the "ntellectuals" that dominate writing and discourse, think it is all just words -- and the only thing that matters is one’s powers of persuasion (salesmanship) that determines the truth of any matter.

That’s long been the unfortunate driver in the conditioning activities of our living -- that we mistake the momentarily (commercially) successful, for enduring truths that really do make a difference in the shape of the world and our lives, and if we could distinguish these differences easily as only a few manage to do, the whole world will be much better.


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