Monday, July 28, 2008

The Mantra of Exercise

Most people are conditioned to dislike and avoid exercise and fitness -- despite saying it is good for them and that they know better -- but won’t do it anyway, because the requirements prescribed, insist that if they won’t do it their way, they’re better off doing nothing -- or nothing can help, when in fact, the most highly-successful health regimens, are self-taught, simple, easy and natural.

The whole key is that one has to personally discover their own machinery (body) and how their own bodies actually work -- and not merely accept the generalizations of what everybody ought to do, and that there are precise formulas that measure everyone’s fitness levels -- as though even the concept was a well-defined matter of fact.

Fitness for what? And that is the question that has to be defined and answered specifically and not generally. The “average” will never be the best -- not for everyone, and not for most people, let alone the best. In fact, in defining the average statistically, the best are always thrown out of the population sample because they are the extreme, and “skew the average.”

Yet it is precisely those rare manifestations and achievements which is the purpose of striving for anything -- and not simply to regress to the statistical average, or as preposterously, conform to some arbitrary standard.

The term “aerobics” has become so used and abused, that it is meaningless in any discussion, but thought to convey meaning and substance just by its mention -- and that being the case, should immediately be discarded as any evidence of competence or knowledge. It is a buzzword to legitimize one’s expertise regardless of whether one has any at all -- hoping the one they are talking to, knows less. That whole relationship is primarily exploitative -- in detecting those who know less, and then once sensing that vulnerability, exploiting it. Not surprisingly, the clientele of such trainers of experts, will disproportionately be dysfunctional and badly out of shape people -- with little chance of changing that condition in their lifetime.

Those who are successful, realize the simplicity of what needs to be done -- and it no longer remains an obsessive-compulsion about being out of shape and a ready excuse not to do anything else in life.

Fitness is that quality of always being ready to do what one is presented with every opportunity to do -- and to "make-do" with one's present capacity. That is the important conditioning in one’s life -- and not that one will be in-shape and condition to do those things in six months or a year, which is the dysfunction of being out of condition.

"Aerobics" simply means "with oxygen," and it is hardly unlikely that any activity will take place and be sustained in the absence of it.


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