Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The 7-Day Total Transformation

I recently completed a prototype offering of the 7-Day Total Transformation, which in that time, hoped to transform a life so completely, that conditioning and fitness issues, no longer have to be attended to consciously as a struggle for the rest of one's life -- as it presently is designed, to require extraordinary effort to maintain, rather than no further effort and thought as simply the best way to precondition oneself for all the challenges of daily living, in which anything can be possible -- but one doesn't have to run a marathon every day, to ensure that one is capable of meeting the challenges of living in the 21st century.

A large part of meeting those challenges now, begin with the brain and brain functioning, and so conditioning and fitness preparation, should properly center on the circulatory effect to this area, rather than the circulatory action at the heart alone -- because the brain regulates the functioning of the heart, automatically, as a primary task. So whether the brain gets the richest flow of blood to the brain, determines what the environment the rest of the body thinks it is operating in -- because the brain is the sensor.

In most conventional exercises, that effect is usually to deprive the brain of maximum flow and consideration. Typical weight-training is a good example of this, in which a person constricts their neck muscles and thus, cuts off the flow to the brain, while directing it to some other area through the movement generally signified by the alternation of a contraction and relaxation, which is what causes fluid (blood) to flow in a hydraulic system. One cannot pump fluid into an area that has no provision for escape to another area, or in which the valves are shut off, as occurs when there is constant constriction and no release.

Thus obviously, we have a new and proper understanding of total body functioning, before we can hope to meaningfully embark on a transformation of that system (body) from suboptimal (dysfunctional), to fullest efficiency, performance and appearance -- which are all interrelated -- even as we have not seen the connection between each to the other, and often think, that they come as a choice of one or the other. But nature would not be so clumsy and inefficient in that way. The beauty of nature is that everything comes together in its own mysterious completeness -- whether we desire that or not. That is the categorical imperative of human nature also.

So when that effect is first initiated at the critical sensor of the brain -- it makes it possible to be achieved elsewhere, everywhere, and in everything also -- as the powerful yet simple, total transformation, that is achieved not through years of great struggle and effort, but learning how direct and simple it is, over a week of brief instruction on how the body already works, and in which, nobody else provides these instructions.


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