Monday, August 25, 2008

Right Understanding

The key to better circulation, health, appearance and functioning, is the understanding that optimizing the circulatory effect, enables its highest (peak) performance -- but at that point, most people get lost -- in the wrong understanding of what would best effect and achieve that.

The popular notion is that one simply needs to make the heart beat faster and harder -- but that is not the whole story of circulation and its effects, and is actually that part which is least effective to address.

The far greater return-benefit, is accomplished in pumping blood back to the heart from the farthest extremities of the body, which is the unacknowledged benefit of voluntary muscle contractions -- alternated by muscle relaxations in a rhythmic pattern, performed like the heart, which causes the flow through any particular muscle (area).

When it is realized that such contractions pump blood back to the heart, what is particularly efficient then, is effecting that pumping effect from the furthest extremes of the body -- which are the head, hands and feet, which not coincidentally, are the areas in which circulation is noticeably poorer than throughout the rest of the body because they are furthest from the heart. However, rather than requiring that the heart needs to pump harder and faster to increase that circulation to those areas, the much more effective and powerful strategy, is to create a pumping contraction in the head, hands and feet evacuating the blood from those areas and creating the space (vacuum), which allows fresh blood in -- rather than to remain backed up, and providing resistance to that flow, when there is no pumping effect -- back to the heart (the circulatory design).

Without this enhanced pumping effect from the extremities of the body, fluid buildup and retention starts to clog the body and gives it that bloated look that in time, becomes fixed in the body as a more or less permanent state -- because the range of its full expression is unarticulated -- or never effected. Thus in many people who look obviously out of shape, what is particularly notable, is either the bloated hands, feet and face -- or a greatly atrophied look to that development indicative of a constricted flow to that area -- often accompanied with pain and inflammation (arthritis).

As such, they become markers for the general health and well-being of that individual because they are so readily visible -- to those who know to look for such indications, but is apparent even to the most casual observers even if they are not consciously aware of those fact(or)s.

What people are aware of, is not just what they say they know, or can put into words and thoughts. The far greater knowledge and intelligence, is in the very DNA and embodiment of every individual -- beyond most observers ability to detail or consciously describe it. For a few though, such appearances and indicators are glaring and obvious -- as it is for everyone when it is pointed out to them

Fortunately, the remedies, are very simple and fast-acting, and obvious to those who see the obvious beyond -- and are not blinded by their own knowledge.


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