Monday, September 15, 2008

New Ideas Are Disruptive

Lots of people repeat the old ideas as though they were the new, or the only ideas that could ever be thought -- rather than realizing that new ideas are being created all the time, but those with the old ideas, try to suppress them -- because they render their information obsolete and useless.

Thus they think that by simply repeating that which is false and commonly heard, that that is enough to make them true -- and they know no other way to test the validity of what they know, other than it is what they know -- by somebody else, who they have accepted as though they knew, and had verified and validated that information. And some people believe, that everything they believe, is simply an opinion, and there are no “facts,” other than what a group of self-selected gatekeepers of their truth, decide that that is what they will agree is the truth -- and force everybody else to conform to that thinking, rather than examine what they believe -- for truth, which should be done routinely.

That is the difference between the old world of information, and the new world of information, or what is referred to as the Information Revolution -- which is not just the repetition and continuation of the old, but the creation of the new.

Such new minds examine every experience as though it is encountered for the first time, with no preconceived notion of what they are encountering -- which requires one to learn about that thing -- directly, as it is happening, instead of searching one’s own memories, thoughts, and knowledge, of what it already knows, and presumes that that is what one is encountering now -- rather than the new, unprecedented, unknown.

Old minds
examine everything merely to confirm and reinforce what they already know, as though that was all that could be known, without testing the truthfulness of everything they know, at all times, and discarding everything else but what they experience to be verifiably true -- upon which they can confidently proceed onto their next adventure of exploration and discovery.

Meanwhile, the old mind thinks that knowledge, is merely piled one on top of another, without displacing and making room for the new, greater idea,that implies, integrates and summarizes all the previously unconnected and disjointed information into a new, powerful simplicity of understanding, that is not merely the old repeated for thousands of years, and millions of times, with nobody bothering to ask, “Is this really true?” And do we really know what we are talking about -- except to repeat what we have been conditioned to repeat when prompted by the subject matter, as though it was some unquestionable, great truth.


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