Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just Doing Something Badly A Lot, Won’t Make One Good

Many people have been told often enough but erroneously, that if they just do anything, that will be enough to ensure that they become good at what they are doing, rather than the actuality that they become bad at what they re doing. Practicing to be thoughtless, bored and disengaged, does not result in its opposite.

Yet many people have grown up with this opposite-thinking taught to them quite deliberately by their schools and educators (personal trainers), as a reflection of their experience and understanding of the real world -- that everything happens the opposite of what they hope and work for -- rather than ever coming to the right conclusion, that everything they know is simply wrong and backwards. Still they persist in those ways and even feel it is their duty and station in life to see that as many others come to share that world view also -- which of course, produces much of the dysfunction and problems in the world, that they will insist, “just happens,” and not that they make it happen, with everything they think and do. They create that reality -- and also, spend their lifetimes undoing it.

So wouldn’t it be better not to create those difficulties for themselves as well as others in the first place? It is not that they are doing nothing but certainly and undeniably, everything they are doing is counterproductive to all they say are their objectives.

The people who are invariably in the worst condition, are those who are the experts of everything that doesn’t work -- and not that they are not experts and knowledgeable about anything. The problem is their denial of that wrongful expertise -- which if they could just understand that, would be that insight of clarity which would serve as a proper foundation for all their subsequent inquiries and efforts in life.

But in their confusion, all their efforts will create havoc and problems -- rather than their resolutions and elimination.

There are two basic responses to life in encountering any problem or difficulty: the healthy, natural approach is to eliminate those problems from one’s life. The unhealthy response is to create an infinitely bigger problem -- by one’s thoughts, words and deeds -- as though that was some kind of public service and intelligent thing to do.


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