Friday, September 12, 2008

The Best One-Minute Exercise (Conditioning) Program

The biggest difference in amount of exercise is the difference between zero and one. If one does “one” of the right thing, it is more beneficial than zero -- but it must be the right thing, to make a huge and dramatic difference.

Thus the right question would be, what would be the single movement that would make the biggest difference in human functioning and conditioning?

That would be turning the head to the right 180 degrees to see directly behind one, and then turning the head back to the left 360 degrees to look at that same spot, and then back 360 degrees to the right, and repeat for a count of 50.

There is no more productive one minute of exercise (conditioning) for the body that makes as much difference in functioning and conditioning, no matter what one’s present condition is -- whether world-class athlete or recovering from a debilitating illness, and every condition in between. For those in the most weakened state, it can even be done while lying or sitting.

The healthful benefit of properly executed movement, is to produce an alternating muscular full contraction with a full relaxation, much in the manner that the heart can ONLY function, which makes it function as a dedicated pump for the circulatory system. However, the skeletal (voluntary) muscles of the body can also be trained to function in that same manner of producing a full contraction alternated with a full relaxation -- if it is simply required (taught) to do so, which would then aid the heart in providing that circulatory effect -- by pumping the blood (fluids) back to the heart, which is the weakness of the circulatory system -- the pumping of blood FROM the furthest extremities, and not pumping blood out TO the extremities, which the heart does unfailingly well.

It is the ability of the body to pump the blood back to the heart, or the function of the voluntary muscles, that determines the fitness and condition of each individual, rather than the limitation of the heart function -- which should be obvious to most on thoughtful consideration of this process.

The “bloated” look most “out-of-condition (shape)” people have, is mainly this inability to produce these powerrful and effective voluntary contractions at the extremities of the head, hands and feet -- that would immediately relieve the excessive fluid retention in the tissues in those areas and when continued, condition the body to provide that optimal flow to ensure its highest functioning, performance and appearance throughout the rest of the day of daily normal activities -- in creating the "space" for new blood and nutrients to enter, which is how hydraulic (circulatory) systems work.

For most people, that is all that is required to reach their highest functioning level each day -- and meet the minimum daily requirement for a healthy exercise regimen -- performed each day, as soon as practical upon awakening.
And because such movements are tremendously effective, the place one would direct such an enhancement to above all else, would be to the head and its critical organs of the body, which in turn, takes care of the body -- automatically, as the primary function of the brain, including regulating the function of the heart. That is the critical pathway and limiting factor in most people.


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