Saturday, September 13, 2008

Why Less Exercise is Better Than More

A conditioning regimen has to make sense evidently and immediately, and not something one forces on themselves with all kinds of jargon, theory and fanciful explanation -- about more being always better -- rather than to achieve that delicate balance of one thing to every other in the right proportions.

For virtually everyone, 1 to 5 minutes of daily, thoughtfully and strategically designed movement, is extremely beneficial and effective, than large amounts of infrequent, sporadic overexercise alternated with long periods of inattention and disengagement from such healthful considerations. So the proper and rightful frequency is daily and everyday -- for at least a minute, and then five, if one is able and capable -- but beyond that, has marginal gain for most.

The most productive is simply what is done in the first five minutes -- that determines if one can continue for the rest of the day, or one needs to spend the rest of that day -- and even onto the rest of that week, and maybe even months, recovering from that overexhaustion (of the recovery ability). They body is trying to tell one something.

But with very small amounts of intelligently designed movement -- stressing quality and fine motor coordination of the head, hands and feet which ties in to the major muscles in their supporting and stabilizing roles, one has preconditioned themselves to perform at their peak levels of efficiency and effectiveness for the rest of that day -- because the recovery ability has not be exhausted beyond repair (recoverry).

Champion athletes don’t simply do more than anyone else; they do it better, and embody that proficiency. They are extremely neuromuscularly efficient -- and that is the most noticeable thing about why they are the best at what they do -- and not simply how much effort they put into it. At the highest level of their art, all is done with the minimum of conscious effort -- which is that quality of grace that turns athleticism into art, and not just thinking that miracles are achieved through brute and unthinking force.

Only right understanding and right effort, produces the right results.


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