Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Right Understanding and Right Effort

As I said previously, there is really hope for "instant transformation" -- with the right understanding of this process, which is obviously not what most "professionals" in the fitness field are selling -- which accounts for the plunge in adherents to those activities, in favor of looking for strategies that actually work -- immediately and obviously.

I've been perfecting this new understanding for 20 years now, because I know with the old ways of thinking about conditioning, participation drops off precipitously with age -- rather than increasingly adopted and utilized, when it would be most beneficial, and effective.

So the question is, "What will people actually do?", and that is a minute, and maybe five of deliberate, thoughtful awareness of their movement, first thing each day -- as their wake-up exercise, which is especially helpful for those who have a lifetime difficulty of getting up and ready for each day.

As it is, most never reach an optimal level of functioning at any point in their day -- but stumble and bumble throughout their lives in a semi-comatose state, wreaking havoc on society and their own lives.

We've been conditioned to think that the primary function of the brain is to produce thought, language, culture and other externalities, rather than it is the primary task to produce health in every individual, human or otherwise.

So what would enhance this functioning? It wouldn't be thought but simply increasing the circulation to the brain -- which is not automatic just in increasing the heart rate. The heart rate is not an adequate measure of circulatory efficiency -- because that would have to be measured at the extremity, and not the source.

That is the major flaw in the current thinking on exercise -- which is why it doesn't work. It's like building a car with a very powerful engine -- but neglecting to provide a power train (transmission) to turn the wheels.

Then logically people observe, "It seems like no matter how hard and diligently I work, I don't seem to be getting anywhere." Whereupon their instructor proclaims, "It's because you're not working hard enough."

The understanding is incomplete -- to be effective, but when that connection is filled in, there is unmistakable movement signifying the right understanding.

For most intelligent people, merely spinning their wheels endlessly is not enough, no matter how much the experts say that that is all one can do -- and must do.

Then when the brain is in that heightened state of integration and connectedness to the body (not by thought but through the actual physiological processes), its power to transform (operate) the body are direct and powerful feedback -- not requiring sensitive instruments of measurement to detect.

Before then, it makes everything in life into a problem, an argument, a senseless struggle and conflict -- signifying nothing.


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