Saturday, September 20, 2008

Look and Feel Better Instantly

In this country, there seems to be a prohibition on useful information -- as though that is not something that can be shared among people unless one has paid a high price for those “secrets.” . Useless, misguided, and deliberately deceptive “information,” is quite all right now, and encouraged as “opinion” to confuse, or show the confusion waiting to be exploited.

What has been disturbing in the last several decades, is the increasing partisanship (partiality) of widely available information, while utilizing the mass media’s ability to repeat, plagiarize, and replicate erroneous information as though each thought of it themselves -- instead of merely propagating the disinformation of the day.

While starting out originally mostly in political discussions, such corruption and distortions now infect most information, particularly when there is an unfair advantage to be gained. Nowhere is that more true than in the critical information affecting one’s basic health and functioning -- which if not properly attended to to, can cost one their entire fortune --which is not optimal in most because of a lack of thought, but actually the result of thought in distressed health.

Healthy people produce healthy thoughts -- while unhealthy people produce unhealthy thoughts, and then proceed to act dysfunctionally based upon that level of brain functioning.

If there is any point I wish to make in my discussions on exercise and conditioning, it is to point out that the primary function of the brain, is not to produce thought, but to produce health, and this it does in every animal with a brain, whether human or not -- and often we note, that animals in the wild, are tremendously healthy and fit for their lives, without knowing a single theory and explanation of why that is so.

Thought, language, culture is a wonderful part of the human brain (mind), but it is not the largest part of what the well-functioning brain does -- which is to keep one alive, and beyond that, healthy. The greatest actualization of that possibility is when the whole body is the brain -- and not how people are conditioned (taught) to think of it, as only that gray matter that is contained within one’s skull, or even more pettily, within one’s ego.

The highly functioning body is the entire mind, and the optimally functioning mind, is the entire body.

People who study behavior know that it is true that 95% of the information communicated, is done by body language, or the flow of energy and the reception/perception of it -- more than just the words -- which often are meaningless, and often today, deliberately deceptive and manipulative -- which is not a problem for those who can read between the lines, and even the spaces between the words.

What is often unstated, is that many people’s ability to read information in all forms and media beyond the contrived, have evolved powerfully over the last several decades to be able to process all this information in a way not previously done before when information was sparing, scarce and more often than not, hoarded for one’s exclusive advantage.

That means reading the total content or total package, and not simply either/or, or some other specialized, partial fragment of the truth. First, we usually considered body apart/different from the mind/brain. But when we connect the brain to the body, a powerful transformation is immediately possible and self-evident. One unmistakably looks and feels better instantly -- like turning on a light bulb.


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