Thursday, October 09, 2008

Enhancing "The Flow"

What we are trying to accomplish is not to reinvent the wheel from scratch -- and discovering life and its processes as if for the first time, and in no relationship and relevance to anything else -- but to be mindful of what already exists, and do our best to optimize those processes and functions.

What has been noted my medical researchers, is that there is some kind of beneficial effect to bodily health in exercise, because it enhances the circulatory effect -- which unfortunately, due to specialist (specialized) thinking, has been limited thus far only to the function of the heart, measured by its rate -- rather than it is an objective that can be undertaken by the entirety of one’s whole being, including and especially the brain (which also regulates the heart).

Then when we consider the circulatory function as being a coordinated function of one’s entire voluntary capacities to effect, it becomes a very simple process to enhance this circulatory effect, which in larger terms, is what is referred to as The Flow -- which is the term used by athletes, artists, scientists, achievers in every activity -- to indicate when everything is in “synch”(ionization), everything is moving together, with this synergy that makes everything not only possible, but even easy and effortless. It is like padding (or not) downstream -- rather than struggling mightily against it -- in the mistaken notion that if one merely endures at it long enough, one will overcome and defeat it, rather than becoming exhausted and drowning.

Obviously, one will experience much greater success in the many journeys of life, if one learns the nature of things -- and how to let them work FOR one, instead of conditioning oneself to work mightily AGAINST all the other processes, forces and people one encounters -- as one’s personal modus operandi, and way of doing anything.

And that is what it means to have a real and valuable education -- and not merely being able to impress a few others with one’s knowledge of jargon, clichés, buzzwords, and the familiar -- fooling others who are also impressed by such things. Undoubtedly, that would be most people conditioned to regard mass media as their ultimate arbiter of truth -- that what they see on TV is more likely to be true than what their own senses tell them is true. That is the unfortunate consequences of conditioning in which there is division between the “mediated” and actual realities of the world, the former which is the manipulations of mass opinion that has become many people’s only participation in society anymore.

But if one can turn down and tune out the noise of other people’s thinking and what they would like us to believe, there is the very powerful reality of one’s actual life, and being -- that reveals itself very powerfully as what is actually happening in the world, and in our own bodies.

That is The Flow of Life, happening in our own bodies -- that is the measure of what is important, and not pushing around other objects, people, and ideas -- as though that was the greater reality. And so that practice, that movement, that meditation, that focus, is what connects one to the power of their own lives, and essential being -- to effect whatever changes they want to accomplish in life.


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