Thursday, June 25, 2009

Whatever Happens is Information

One of the curious features of people who have learned everything they know in an academic setting, is that they regard actual happenings, as "anecdotal" and invalid -- rather than that is what is actually happening -- in that particular instance. Many of those actual "incidences" is what compose the statistics and the generalizations that grow out of them. It is not that the anecdotal is less true than the generalization -- as much as the individual is dependent on the reliability of the reporting individual to observe the truth of the matter, and not be convinced by the trivialities and their own wishful thinking as to what they would like to believe is actually happening.

In fact, many such people, believe that if they simply maintain their assertions, using all manner of authority and authoritarian manipulations, that that will make everything they say, the "truth," and not that there is a systematic way of approaching these inquiries -- which of course, is the scientific method, and not merely the appearances of it.

Those are my immediate impressions ins seeing the typical experts presented to the public via the media personalities -- that they are impressed by those with the best gimmick and gimmickry, rather than ANY insight to the inquiry into any matter.

They are the most susceptible to reliance on marketing effectiveness -- and that is all they know and recognize. So while some person may actually have the truth of the matter, if they do not come forward with flattery and guile, they are not recognized because they display none of the attributes such people can recognize. They are not trying to make people believe what is not true. They are just content to present the complete picture -- rather than a partial (half-)truth, or an overwhelming number of them.

The amount of energy and effort that goes into convincing others that is not true, far exceeds the little energy left to attend to that which is simply true -- and needs little or no effort to convince. But in this world of artifice, almost all the effort and energies are diverted and devoted in this manner -- and so thee is no time and energy for doing the little that is actually productive. People are conditioned to believe that the expenditure of great time, energy, and other resources, are necessary to live an adequate life -- because mass media requires so many sacrifices, controversies, arguments, and misunderstandings -- to perpetuate and justify itself.

Controversy and confusion, have therefore come to have a higher standing and actually be the object of their programming, rather than the resolution of it. In this way, it is a self-perpetuating machine of greater inefficiencies -- leading to the demand for more, mass media entertainment as an end in itself. Thus the objective of advertising, is to create ever more advertising -- to counteract previous false information.

To propagate any real truth directly in such a toxic culture, is the last thing one will hear. If that truth is eventually revealed, it must be after exhausting every falsehood first -- as though one cannot achieve any success, unless by first making all the possible mistakes -- first. And so those who do come upon the truth, are revered as the great survivors from having run the gauntlet.

But is there another way? Can one come upon any truth directly? That is mostly the "conditioning" we receive in life before a few manage to mold their own destinies. It is much more difficult to mold oneself into everybody else, than it is to actualize the highest possibility of one's own unique being. All the energy is consumed in trying to become what one is not -- which is everybody else -- while ignoring the importance, of fully actualizing, their own potential. That is the diversion of mass media and other entertainments -- that keep one away from attending to the real business of their lives.

And so it is necessary to get away from what everybody and especially the "experts" say about these things and set into motion all the arguments and expenditures of ever more energies, and consider how real understanding, brings an end to further effort -- by understanding the simple truth of the information one observes.

It should be clearly obvious then, that the best manner to get "in shape," are simply a few movements that directly put one into that shape -- instead of turning treadmills endlessly with no idea of what one is doing and even diverting one's thoughts from the dreariness of their activity. Certainly, that should be a giveaway that everything done that way is a diversion and disconnection of the reality of what one is doing -- and such conditioning, produces those who have no idea what they are doing, or care to.

And that is the problem -- and not the lack of effort in making oneself immune and insensitive to what they are doing. They make themselves weary of caring -- and why such conditioning programs are abandoned as soon it is convenient and expedient to do so. Why design conditioning programs that eventually eliminates everyone? What is the intelligence in that?


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