Sunday, November 28, 2010

"The Ultimate Solution"

This is the season when people become increasingly victims of their own environments and predispositions -- because as the weather gets increasingly colder, they have to insulate themselves more from those external conditions, while creating/manifesting uniquely their own. So it can be a season of joy, or depression and hopelessness/despair for a few as well.

For this reason, past civilizations and societies celebrated light (warmth), when it was at its most cherished minimum, which in modern times is just as appropriate, but there is a lot we can do about it now -- including minimizing the effects of low light exposure, which is categorically described as Seasonal Affective Disorder. Lighting is now available and even cheap -- to virtually create one's own (sun)light and its well known healthy effects, which is much more than just a primitive discussion of energy consumption -- because Thomas Edison's light bulb, is not the same light possible in the age of extended life and growth.

It is much like the primitive discussion we still have in the world of physical culture in which many people still think the only difference is whether one expends more energy or less -- without considering that the greater, much more profound question, is to what effect (purpose) and efficiency (meaning).

Intelligence is more than simply doing more -- rather than in fact, doing things differently, usually resulting in much less effort and work to accomplish the same thing -- and much, much more. The old saying would be, "Killing two birds with one stone," but in this age, it is quite possible to bring down the entire flock, with one strike, such is the level of proficiency we have achieved. But knowing that, there is much greater responsibility to exercise that knowledge at commensurately higher levels -- than just beating more wives and children.

That, obviously, would not be commensurate with a higher intelligence and consciousness -- though there will be an aberrant few who still think in that manner.

Most people are still not aware to what great extent they can create their own world -- at least in their own space. Some still cling to the notion that "space" is how much turf, organization and people they control -- instead of their own mastery over largely themselves. Thus, their idea of changing the world and/or reality, is changing everybody else, and everything else, rather than simply starting in with what they can change directly -- such as their lighting, and other requirements for optimizing their personal space, which results ultimately in affecting everything they do -- because they produce the optimal conditions for their greatest functionality and performance as intelligent and healthy human beings.

Thus, given the same basic conditions as everyone else, individuals can actualize (optimize) it to very different degrees of proficiency, satisfaction, and achievement, as their own measure of success in living their own lives. And that sense is paramount to all others -- especially the feeling that one is nothing unless validated by some greater other that one has less, or no control over, as is very common in a mass media induced culture.

Often, that means doing what nobody else will validate and approve of -- or they would be doing it themselves.


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