Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Ability to Change

The important reason to maintain and develop one's muscularity throughout life is that muscles are the body's ability to change -- and with decreasing muscularity, one's ability to change decreases -- until finally, others can barely detect any change, except to note that there is still a heartbeat and "vital signs" of life -- but the ability and capacity to change in a willful and meaningful ways, have long ago ceased. Then the only prognosis for that "life" is how long before even those minimal signs of life have ceased entirely.

That is what is so distressful about the conditions of deterioration in which one sees life slipping away daily -- with no hope of recovery and improvement. One hopes personally never to enter that stage and condition of life -- but unfortunately, many allow themselves to prematurely and by default, and the commercial interests offer unrealistic milestones by which to measure any positive improvements except for the purchase of their miraculous products.

Such naive people will recommend that one should take up the marathon and run a marathon a day to ensure their health -- and other such unrealistic regimens that ensure that their advice will be ignored -- if their pronouncements are even intelligible. Most of such writing is unreadable, citing all kinds of buzzwords and jargon to impress people with LESS education than they have -- which is likely to be "journalists" whose ambitions far exceed their capacity for understanding anything. They are extremely vulnerable to flattery, pretense and pretentiousness -- because they don't want to seem ignorant.

And so they never question those things they should not assume and presume -- while pursuing vigorously, that which doesn't make a difference, and is entirely bogus sensationalism and conjecture -- to embellish their dull writing and lack of understanding. It's tough to write/work within those parameters.

So when we strip away all the jargon suggesting understanding, we come to the very simple realization, that action of any discernible difference, is manifested in the activation and capacity of the muscles -- to change willfully, effectively and efficiently -- as an indication of one's mastery over the rest of one's faculties. Does it necessarily have to be a world record to every other observer -- or can it simply be all that one is momentarily capable of?

In that case, what would be the opportunity to manifest the maximum change or improvement? Certainly that would be the circumstance in which one is at their least proficient state -- which for most people, is likely to be the moment after they awaken and then prepare themselves for the rest of their day. With the old and disabled, that likely not to be a very demanding schedule unless they deliberately design it to be.. However, how they ultimately fill and fulfill that day is of no concern as we prepare for that day -- other than to raise the momentary capacity from movement of great resistance, pain and difficulty, to that of fluid motion in whatever direction one requires.

That's all an extremely productive exercise and conditioning program has to do -- effectively and unfailingly. It is one's preparation and warmup for every other movement one might make that day just in pursuing every normal activity and opportunity. Doesn't that make a whole lot of sense and is a compelling justification for doing each and every day of one's life? Why would one not do it unless they have given up on life -- and see no prospect but to die?

It doesn't have to be any more complicated and difficult than that -- but the conditioning everybody is used to, is to make everything more difficult and complicated to prove their own worthiness.


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