Thursday, July 02, 2009

Moving Intelligently is NOT Rocket Science

Probably the greatest hindrance to the improved condition and conditioning of the general population of this society, is the trade association's insistence that everyone has to consult them first and pay whatever charges they are assessing, BEFORE they can move, alter their diet, modify their thinking for the purposes of self-improvement, or even for that matter, do ANY independent research and thinking for oneself for all the matters pertaining to their personal habits and inclinations.

That would be a very lucrative "personal assistance" if one could pull it off -- to require everybody else to have to consult them professionally, before they could make any decision regarding their personal life -- in the claim, that they know better than anybody else BECAUSE they obtained coveted advanced certificates in first aid, CPR and food handling, and knew the jargon of physical education teachers.

If you have real concerns about one's health, one should seek the properly specialists of those fields -- but not a prerequisite to seeking the higher levels of instruction from your locally certified personal trainer, particularly if they have no other credibility than their certificate. World champion athletes are world champion athletes -- not because they have a certificate saying they are so, but because they have proved it in open competition. And if one can train alongside the "World's Strongest Man" or "Mr. Universe," obviously it is highly instructive to do so, and might even be worth paying for their advice.

But a person who doesn't immediately strike one as being a world champion something or other, seeking advice and instruction from such individuals who cannot "prove" it by their appearance and manner, is dubious at best. Unfortunately for many, they are not likely to frequent environments where world champions and other adepts are commonplace -- unless one has naturally grown up in such environments -- like the offspring of coaches and instructors who have pioneered/created such wisdom.

The obvious recent great example was Bruce Lee in the teaching of martial arts -- and popularized in his own classic movies of the genre. Even people who had no interest in martial arts, or any other physical activity, could be impressed by his mental rigor of a supremely conditioned individual. Such authenticity can not be faked -- like with the many people who claim they know something, but it would take many years before they could exhibit it to anyone else.

But in the real world, such expertise and wisdom is apparent to even the most unknowledgeable and unaware of these credentials -- as the basic communications intellectuals describe as "body language," which is likely to be 95% of the content being communicated in every human exchange. "Educated" people refer to that as "confidence," which many of them do not have, despite their educations. It is something beyond -- having not studied the knowledge, but actually contributed and created it.

That "quality" of inquiry and self-knowledge, transcends every field of learning, and for that matter, activity -- where that learning is manifested and integrated into one's being. Those are the qualities that are not being measured on treadmills, and is highly unlikely to be the device of choice, of such adepts -- whose very conditioning, requires them to develop a greater awareness in everything they do, every time they do it -- and not as the dull pedagogue thinks, is how he thinks such remarkable and distinguished people would act, if they were one.


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