Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The World is Change

Many confuse what is going on in their heads -- with what is going on in the world of actuality, and so think that the world stays the same and simply repeats itself, rather than that it is always changing, but they have to rediscover the world as it NOW is, and not how they learned once, that it was, and thought it could only be.

Probably the great change of an observer over these many years, is how the generations themselves have changed, so that a healthy person of 40, looks like the healthy person of 20, only a generation ago. And it is not simply one's imagination or wishful thinking that that it is so, but actually a fact.

Unhealthy people also look unhealthier than ever before because the same health care facilities and standards, enable people to live unhealthier, whereas they might have perished in earlier times -- that could not sustain suboptimal lives as well and as easily.

With just a larger population sample, there will be a greater range of manifestations, so that there are indeed people who are taller, bigger, faster -- and at the same time, many more who would have died previously because medical science could not save them, or life was harsher and more demanding of each individual.

So that is good and bad news -- depending on the individual choices one makes, which contemporary life, makes increasingly more numerous. The tendency for many though, is to believe their own choices, are the only ones available -- even if they are not the ones they would prefer, but they don't want to continue looking further, because it has no payoff -- and they want the payoff, even though it is small, or nonexistent -- because they just want to stop looking.

Any explanation will satisfy them -- even if it explains nothing. They just like the sound of words -- even if signifying nothing. They will often claim to know "everything," while actually never finding out the truth of anything for themselves, but think that it is enough just to know what other people tell them is the truth. And then they stop -- and are not bothered that the world of their explanations, and the world as it happens, seems to be two or more vastly different realities. They will prefer the world of the explanation, to the world of self-evident truth, discovered only by assuming one knows nothing to begin with -- rather than everything, without any necessity to even look.

If people can be easily divided into two different "races," that would be the difference that distinguishes one band from the other -- the degree that one lives in the world of thought over actuality (experience). While thought is good, and often helpful, it is not an exclusive substitute for experience. That leads many to continue to believe they are right, despite the outcomes proving they have no idea what they are talking about -- or even think, they think they know with absolute certainty.

This is the problem of mass education in which people are taught to accept a certain truth -- with no idea of how to test the validity of that truth for themselves, so that their only recourse is to ask other experts, who also don't know how to test for the truth of these things themselves. And so that many so-called experts agree, means nothing if they all were simply taught the same thing as the unquestionable truth -- rather than the real science of that truth being derived independently by every observer who offers their insight.

Mass media and mass education has supplanted this independence of thought to the "politically correct" point of view as determined by those who self-anoint themselves as the authorities on these matters -- which on further investigation, turn out to be those who merely can effect this authoritarianism and intimidate the others, most usually through the repetition of the "party line."

Whether discussing politics or fitness, that had become the way we largely came to think we knew something -- because the right people in authority said so. In the past, it was the New York Times that pronounced that they were the ones who printed the news that was worth knowing -- or in fact, actually happened. In other hierarchies, it may have been the Arthritis Foundation who knew everything there was to know about arthritis -- and anybody else, was simply a fraud -- because they said so.

So now we very seldom see the facts, but are told what we need to think -- even that we should think we thought of it ourselves, but there is no way of tracing the evolution of the thought process, other than these implanted memories of "knowledge."


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