Friday, July 10, 2009

Creating Something New

One of the healthy exercises for conditioning oneself to the life one wants to actualize, would be in creating a new "movement," as a self-actualizing manifestation and reality. Nowhere is that more possible than in expanding one's own range of motion and movement. In this vein, doing the same thing over and over again, obviously reinforces and creates the notion that all the rest of one's life will just be an endless repetition of doing the same things over and over again -- on the unvarying treadmill of life, which of course, robs one of life-creating vitality and enthusiasm, rather than making it more possible for ourselves in everything we do.

There are some people so naturally gifted and attuned to the movements of their own bodies, that they are fond of saying, that they are musicians, for whom their bodies are their instruments -- which they play joyously and endlessly in creative expression and delight. The most notable of these "freaks" are the creative dancers and gymnasts -- who are born that way, but with practice, play or work, attain levels that most people cannot duplicate no matter how many years of practice they devote to it.

While society has agreed that all should be granted certain "inalienable rights" like every other in society, doesn't make everyone equal in EVERY manner possible -- which is why we have athletic competitions and other forums of performance for exhibiting various levels of proficiencies. The right for everyone to perform, does not guarantee that everyone will perform equally well -- and it is very easy for those whose ambitions and wishful-thinking greatly exceed their talents and abilities, to believe they are really in the competition for "first" prize.

But they can only know that by actually participating and finding out what they can do -- as well as all the others. In this way, most people come to have a more "realistic" appraisal of their own abilities and talents -- but a few maintain a perception of themselves that is unsupported and unverified by independent observers -- as we hope a body of knowledgeable peers (experts) to be. Where that judging system breaks down, is when the abilties of an individual far exceed the capacities and previous experience of the judges to fully appreciate and assess them, since like most people, they look to the past (precedent) to guide them.

When the truly "new" comes along, often there is even denial and suppression of that fact -- rather than embracing the new, welcomingly. That has been true throughout history and societies -- because "culture" is the acculturation to everything that has come before -- hopefully enabling the individual life to go beyond that (in healthy self-actualizing) societies, instead of those requiring strict obedience to the past and tradition (knowledge).

That kind of world is a new one for everyone -- but that would be life in the future, of and in this unknown. But in the most repressive and suppressive societies, even that future can only be the known and familiar (treadmill of existence). Not surprisingly then, many of today's contemporaries, are wondering how they can break out of those molds, the boxes and pigeonholes designed for their lives by the inertia (weight) of the past.

Of course some rebel against that mold and fate sealed for them from lives lived before them as childish insubordination -- while a few will go on to create the new in asking if there is anything beyond what they are told are the ultimate and unquestionable limits. Is there a way we can condtion ourselves to make such lives more likely for ourselves? That would be in expressing the untapped possibilities and expressions we have not articulated before, and even suspected possible -- but that is all it is, the unthinkable because we are already "too busy" doing what we've always done before.

Rather than the new being difficult, it can actually be conditioned to be easy -- in the manner that a new movement (range of motion) becomes possible for any individual, at any level of talent and ability. That is the exploration of their present limits and limitations, and inquiring and articulating what lies (happens) beyond.

The inquiry and expression of that, is what makes any life remarkable -- and all it can be. Why shouldn't everyone have that basic right -- they can only give and manifest to themselves?


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