Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Just Saying So, Doesn't Make It So

The great casualty of the mainstream mass media, is their insistence that their saying so, makes anything the truth -- or they wouldn't have said so.  They believe there is no higher truth than whatever they say, no matter what they say -- because they are the self-proclaimed arbiters of that truth -- and they got it from others self-certified to know, even if they do not understand anything themselves -- but have learned through their mass communication courses, how to seem like one does.

It's very annoying for those who actually and really know what they are talking about -- to have to listen to the self-proclaimed authorities on the subject matter they have chosen to define as their own turf and jurisdiction -- especially in those fields where the truth is self-evident to most people, without anyone having to tell them authoritatively what to think.  So usually what these self-proclaimed experts do, is to create fields of expertise, that never existed before their creation of it -- as though that were of singular great importance of itself, and not in the context of any real world experiences.

In that manner, they can proclaim what they know as being "brilliant" because it is unintelligible and not self-evident except to a special group of people indoctrinated to all see the same things as brilliant -- even if no others can see that also.  And so bureaucracies and hierarchies are created and maintained, to ensure that everyone is properly indoctrinated (educated) to see things the same way -- and never to challenge that authority, because that is not what everyone is entitled to do.  Only a self-selected few, can do all the thinking for everyone else -- and the job of the mainstream mass media, is to see that everyone else does think that way -- as their specialized role in the great social machinery.

It doesn't matter that what they say and know, has no basis in fact or experience -- just that they "know," what everybody else does, even if it isn't true -- because that is not their business to know or determine, but only to follow the directives of those in authority.  And somebody is always in authority besides themselves, and what their own senses are telling them -- because they think the rules override the realities for which those rules were created to simulate.

Those can be fatal errors when one presumes that they have the right of way and are safe to proceed -- without first verifying that presumption with the actual realities of traffic conditions.  That is the most obvious situation there can be glaring differences between what one thinks -- and what is actually happening.  Those are most of the problems in the world -- the separation of thought -- from the actualities of reality in our daily lives until one is no longer effectively functioning in the world most do -- but only in their thoughts and memories of the world cut off from the verification of the senses.

One almost expects that among the aged -- as the great problem characteristic of the problems of aging -- but also is a problem of those at any age, who are effectively disassociated and disaffected from their own awareness of their environment and context.  Such people argue that they are "right" and should assert their rights, even at great danger to their very lives, safety and equanimity -- thinking in their minds, that they are in a duel to the death, with every person and thing they encounter -- which ensures that one day, they will be -- prematurely and disastrously, which should be the conditioning to avoid.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Understanding Doctors (and the Media)

You don't have to "respectfully" disagree with such doctors with these authoritarian attitudes -- but should run, not walk, as fast in the other direction when you see them coming, or they will tell you everything you need to be doing -- to help pay for their palatial waterfront estates and lifestyles they've grown accustomed to.

He even mischaracterizes what it means to buy an over-the-counter drug -- as though people have to fill out forms diagnosing themselves as having a clinical condition -- before buying a bottle of aspirin or allergy medication, that they just know works for themselves -- and not that most people are in the business or habit of labeling (diagnosing) themselves as such.  They just trust their senses to know what works for them -- and what doesn't, despite the doctor's insistence that it should -- or shouldn't.

But really, in this modern age, people need to find professionals and experts who they can trust as partners working for the benefit of the client, and not immediately assume a permanent relationship of doctor-patient, teacher-student, authority-subordinate -- by those who claim they know best about every aspect of life -- like the priest/authorities of the medieval ages that one had to respectfully agree in every case and matter.

Many people now are quite willing to assume responsibility for their own lives and fates -- from the food they eat, to the exercise they embrace, the politicians they vote for, the jobs they pursue, etc., without acquiescing to these authorities anointed by their own trade associations as the most ruthless self-serving spokespersons among them -- while the mainstream media runs interference for them, as the abuse of their own power and authority.

That's not the world we live in anymore -- where others have the right, authority and power to tell one how to live one's life in every aspect of their being and doing.

Not everyone has these Cadillac health plans where they can run to their doctors for unlimited billings and consultations to get their moneysworth from their health care plans, which such spokespersons would delight in noting to their patients, "Your coverage is so excellent that we can keep you in a persistent vegetative state forever."

Find those professionals that treat one as a partner, rather than those presuming you exist for their exclusive benefit and self-aggrandizement.  They're out there -- while the mainstream media, unfortunately exists now, to convince us of everything that is not true -- as their own losing grip, on the monopoly and power they once had.