Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Right Understanding and Right Effort

As I said previously, there is really hope for "instant transformation" -- with the right understanding of this process, which is obviously not what most "professionals" in the fitness field are selling -- which accounts for the plunge in adherents to those activities, in favor of looking for strategies that actually work -- immediately and obviously.

I've been perfecting this new understanding for 20 years now, because I know with the old ways of thinking about conditioning, participation drops off precipitously with age -- rather than increasingly adopted and utilized, when it would be most beneficial, and effective.

So the question is, "What will people actually do?", and that is a minute, and maybe five of deliberate, thoughtful awareness of their movement, first thing each day -- as their wake-up exercise, which is especially helpful for those who have a lifetime difficulty of getting up and ready for each day.

As it is, most never reach an optimal level of functioning at any point in their day -- but stumble and bumble throughout their lives in a semi-comatose state, wreaking havoc on society and their own lives.

We've been conditioned to think that the primary function of the brain is to produce thought, language, culture and other externalities, rather than it is the primary task to produce health in every individual, human or otherwise.

So what would enhance this functioning? It wouldn't be thought but simply increasing the circulation to the brain -- which is not automatic just in increasing the heart rate. The heart rate is not an adequate measure of circulatory efficiency -- because that would have to be measured at the extremity, and not the source.

That is the major flaw in the current thinking on exercise -- which is why it doesn't work. It's like building a car with a very powerful engine -- but neglecting to provide a power train (transmission) to turn the wheels.

Then logically people observe, "It seems like no matter how hard and diligently I work, I don't seem to be getting anywhere." Whereupon their instructor proclaims, "It's because you're not working hard enough."

The understanding is incomplete -- to be effective, but when that connection is filled in, there is unmistakable movement signifying the right understanding.

For most intelligent people, merely spinning their wheels endlessly is not enough, no matter how much the experts say that that is all one can do -- and must do.

Then when the brain is in that heightened state of integration and connectedness to the body (not by thought but through the actual physiological processes), its power to transform (operate) the body are direct and powerful feedback -- not requiring sensitive instruments of measurement to detect.

Before then, it makes everything in life into a problem, an argument, a senseless struggle and conflict -- signifying nothing.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Everything You Know is Wrong

Probably the great challenge of these times for many -- is the prospect of greatly increased life spans while nevertheless aging in the old and familiar pattern, which means that they spend nearly half their lives deteriorating, (aging) rather than than getting better (and wiser).

What is meaningful and hopeful is not simply living as long as possible -- but attaining one’s greatest health and prosperity (fulfillment) throughout that entire life span, and not at some inevitable and inescapable age, beginning that irreversible lifelong decline -- many believe is the only fate still possible.

This is where I think exercise has the greatest potential for transforming life as we have known it -- not in just enabling one to jump higher, run faster, and lift more weights -- while one is young and familiarly at their prime, but what would be more meaningful, is extending that health and vibrancy throughout one’s entire lifespan.

There are already a few examples of those breaking down those expectations of what we think a person must be like at age 70,80, 90 and even 100 -- but they are the too rare exceptions rather than the norm. And then they have been dismissed as freakish abnormalities -- rather than the entirely possible for every healthy individual, and in fact, that is what true health is -- and not merely adequate health care and health care insurance to sustain one for as long as possible in their unhealthful, declining conditions, they have come to regard as normal.

So even relatively young people at 30 begin to remark knowledgeably, “So this is what it is like to be old,” when they haven’t even reached the peak for most athletes and performers in most activities. When is it acceptable to allow oneself to go into this decline of health on all the levels -- just to maintain their present capabilities as long as they can?

Not surprisingly, peak athletic exhaustion may be counterproductive to that quality longevity, because with those supreme attempts, come the risk of injury and exhaustion of the recovery ability to the point that recovery is no longer evident -- or possible. Even machines wear down, and most people recognize, as well as their doctors and coaches, that there is a limit for even their best athletes -- and not endlessly, the more they are worked, the greater their capacity indefinitely and tolerate even greater workloads. They have to be conserved like the valuable resources they are -- and used judiciously at the appropriate times for maximum impact and effect.

Thus it is far more instructive and valuable to learn what level of improvement can be sustained as long as possible, rather than to see “stars” exhaust and extinguish completely, not so long after their greatest glory. Those are two entirely different things.

When people say they know the right thing to do but don't do them, it is because what they know is wrong -- and their greater brain functioning overrules that "knowledge" -- rather than that they know they need to put out more effort into their wrong understanding -- as though that will ever make it right.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Look and Feel Better Instantly

In this country, there seems to be a prohibition on useful information -- as though that is not something that can be shared among people unless one has paid a high price for those “secrets.” . Useless, misguided, and deliberately deceptive “information,” is quite all right now, and encouraged as “opinion” to confuse, or show the confusion waiting to be exploited.

What has been disturbing in the last several decades, is the increasing partisanship (partiality) of widely available information, while utilizing the mass media’s ability to repeat, plagiarize, and replicate erroneous information as though each thought of it themselves -- instead of merely propagating the disinformation of the day.

While starting out originally mostly in political discussions, such corruption and distortions now infect most information, particularly when there is an unfair advantage to be gained. Nowhere is that more true than in the critical information affecting one’s basic health and functioning -- which if not properly attended to to, can cost one their entire fortune --which is not optimal in most because of a lack of thought, but actually the result of thought in distressed health.

Healthy people produce healthy thoughts -- while unhealthy people produce unhealthy thoughts, and then proceed to act dysfunctionally based upon that level of brain functioning.

If there is any point I wish to make in my discussions on exercise and conditioning, it is to point out that the primary function of the brain, is not to produce thought, but to produce health, and this it does in every animal with a brain, whether human or not -- and often we note, that animals in the wild, are tremendously healthy and fit for their lives, without knowing a single theory and explanation of why that is so.

Thought, language, culture is a wonderful part of the human brain (mind), but it is not the largest part of what the well-functioning brain does -- which is to keep one alive, and beyond that, healthy. The greatest actualization of that possibility is when the whole body is the brain -- and not how people are conditioned (taught) to think of it, as only that gray matter that is contained within one’s skull, or even more pettily, within one’s ego.

The highly functioning body is the entire mind, and the optimally functioning mind, is the entire body.

People who study behavior know that it is true that 95% of the information communicated, is done by body language, or the flow of energy and the reception/perception of it -- more than just the words -- which often are meaningless, and often today, deliberately deceptive and manipulative -- which is not a problem for those who can read between the lines, and even the spaces between the words.

What is often unstated, is that many people’s ability to read information in all forms and media beyond the contrived, have evolved powerfully over the last several decades to be able to process all this information in a way not previously done before when information was sparing, scarce and more often than not, hoarded for one’s exclusive advantage.

That means reading the total content or total package, and not simply either/or, or some other specialized, partial fragment of the truth. First, we usually considered body apart/different from the mind/brain. But when we connect the brain to the body, a powerful transformation is immediately possible and self-evident. One unmistakably looks and feels better instantly -- like turning on a light bulb.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Instant Fitness

The great teacher of the 20th century, Krishnamurti, was asked if one could attain enlightenment by meditating one hour a day -- to which he responded, “If you could meditate even a minute a day, the world would be transformed.”

That is the power of being totally at one with everything in the universe -- rather than as most people do, consume their entire lives and energies, fighting everything else in the world -- yet many are conditioned precisely in that manner, to create a struggle with what is against what they would like it to be, or think it ought to be.

Meditation is total awareness of what is -- which is the mind operating in its powerful way beyond thought, which filters and distorts reality into ideas, deals and ideologies, and what is important to understand, is reality, the truth, what is.

That is the problem of daily living -- the misunderstanding of the truth for what a few would like it to be, and this separation of what is from the ideal, is time, so that one can only be in condition, in shape, and right, at some other time, and not this very moment, but if one is all there, in that moment, then all the problems of the mind disappear -- and there is only the directness and clarity of reality.

Whatever condition one is in, or thinks they are in, still has the highest level of actualization possible in that moment -- and by fulfilling it, and not delaying it again into some other time, one learns to be powerful in doing the best they can, under any given circumstances.

A poorly conditioned person, will never attain that fulfillment at any time in their lives -- and in fact, the more they achieve, the more they feel inadequate and deficient -- because there is always some time (in the future or past) in which they could be better, but never in the present moment.

That gratification is always delayed and deferred, to some other time, some other reality, even the desire for the integration of mind with body, instead of integrating the mind with the body, in one’s movement. That is what some researchers describe as being in the flow -- of moving with the synergy of all the forces in the world, and feeling this choiceless awareness that is meditation in movement. That state of grace, is what transforms and makes all things possible, and real -- and not merely wishing it were something else.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Quantum Leap

Most of my personal friends and other great thinkers on the subject of exercise and conditioning, were led onto a fruitful path of thinking by Arthur Jones as to what truly caused “results” -- rather than unquestionably following the dictums of the the old PE instructors to, “Do as I say, or else” -- just cloaked in the language of pseudo-expertise. In this, they are no more guilty than the “professionals” of any other industry and interest -- a few really are worthy of that designation, but most merely repeat what they have been taught by their teachers and go no further.

What was especially pernicious was the co-extemporaneous referencing of “target heart rate” by others as though that conveyed everything there was to know about exercise -- rather than it was an arbitrary formula (age versus individual variations that are much greater) to prevent people from “overdoing” it as a risk to themselves -- and not the supposed gold standard, many have come to believe it is. No world class athlete talks about it as their objective -- because they have more important objectives to organize their conditioning around. It was for those to whom “fitness” as an abstraction and theory, was meaningful, never hoping to actualize that ideal at any time in their daily living -- but was always somewhere in the future.

What Jones had done was to create a machine that would “provide appropriately varying resistance throughout the full range of a muscle working in isolation.” The problem (or beauty) with that, is that one would have to produce a machine that would work each muscle in isolation, starting as he did, with the largest of the over 600 in the body).

That was a strategy that made sense, as long as one accepted the very premise that muscles could achieve their full range of movement -- in isolation -- as it became apparent to me, that no muscle could work in that manner, since they were all interconnected, and so the preposterous question to ask was, “Is there a movement that activates all the muscles as though they were just one?” -- and what would such a movement look like, if designed with no other consideration than that?

That was the paradox of the fully integrated movement -- by which everything working together rather than independently, and often against each other part, made extremely brief amounts of movement highly productive. Many were intrigued by this exciting new development except on invariably asking, “What new machine can we build to incorporate this great understanding?” and make millions for themselves, were disappointed when I told them, it doesn’t need to be created -- it already exists.

That is how the human body is designed to work, when it is simply, fully understood properly. And so like many things which formerly required great effort to achieve -- like mastering a slide rule to perform lengthy and complex equations (that merely eliminated most participation), a new understanding (technology) supplanted that field of effort (activity) to make such tasks, simple and universally accessible -- at any time one really needed it.

Next: Instant Fitness

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Brief, Recent History of Exercise (Thinking)

The great error in thinking about exercise and fitness, is this very notion that the primary objective is “burning” off as many calories as possible -- which means being as inefficient in one’s movements as possible, even directing each muscle in the body, to cancel out each other movement (effort) in the body -- as though that was a wise use of human resources, and doing anything -- ever.

Yet about 45 years ago, that was actually a faddish idea that was the current rage in body and strength-building, called “isometric” exercise, in which one produced great effort -- but no movement, because one merely worked (contracted) each muscle against every other -- resulting in no work, or ability to measure work in the traditional manner it was measured -- in moving a mass (weight) a distance in a certain time interval -- although there was undeniably great exertion and discomfort experienced by such training.

At the height of its popularity, it was quickly abandoned, because it produced severe health problems -- the most notable of which was distressful levels of blood pressure readings, while many passed out, after turning disturbing colors of red, white and blue from holding a position, or holding their breath, etc. This was especially dangerous for people who had weaknesses in any part of their body -- which is virtually everybody in their own unique way.

That was one of the rationales for promoting exercises that were “aerobic” -- which would not produce extraordinary demands, above the normal level of activities. In fact, the measure of “aerobic exercise” originally, and not as it has been corrupted over the years, is that it could be conducted at such a low increased level of exertion, that it could be prolonged safely indefinitely -- as contrasted to “anaerobic” activities such as sprinting, that can only be sustained for a few seconds of extraordinary and intense effort (explosiveness).

Over the years, and with literally thousands of corruptions and plagiarisms of the original fairly valid observation for reducing the risk factors in exercise, it has come to mean the opposite of what was intended -- as a safe maximum, rather than an absolute minimum requirement.

And this reversal, is now primarily why those who need, and should exercise the most, completely rule it out -- as something they won’t do, because what is advocated by “conventional expertise,” is too stressful, and unproductive, so the wisdom of their entire being tells them not to.

So while the concept of “aerobics” ensured safety, it did not necessarily understand what made exercise most productive. The person most responsible for that dedication, was Arthur Jones, the inventor of the Nautilus machines and training principles, who originally touted his methods as “foolproof,” but when they failed to achieve the results he promised, reversed himself and then insisted, he or his surrogates had to personally supervise each and every repetition or he could not guarantee those results -- which then led to the “personal training” industry.

That was obviously a giant step backwards from being “foolproof.”

Monday, September 15, 2008

New Ideas Are Disruptive

Lots of people repeat the old ideas as though they were the new, or the only ideas that could ever be thought -- rather than realizing that new ideas are being created all the time, but those with the old ideas, try to suppress them -- because they render their information obsolete and useless.

Thus they think that by simply repeating that which is false and commonly heard, that that is enough to make them true -- and they know no other way to test the validity of what they know, other than it is what they know -- by somebody else, who they have accepted as though they knew, and had verified and validated that information. And some people believe, that everything they believe, is simply an opinion, and there are no “facts,” other than what a group of self-selected gatekeepers of their truth, decide that that is what they will agree is the truth -- and force everybody else to conform to that thinking, rather than examine what they believe -- for truth, which should be done routinely.

That is the difference between the old world of information, and the new world of information, or what is referred to as the Information Revolution -- which is not just the repetition and continuation of the old, but the creation of the new.

Such new minds examine every experience as though it is encountered for the first time, with no preconceived notion of what they are encountering -- which requires one to learn about that thing -- directly, as it is happening, instead of searching one’s own memories, thoughts, and knowledge, of what it already knows, and presumes that that is what one is encountering now -- rather than the new, unprecedented, unknown.

Old minds
examine everything merely to confirm and reinforce what they already know, as though that was all that could be known, without testing the truthfulness of everything they know, at all times, and discarding everything else but what they experience to be verifiably true -- upon which they can confidently proceed onto their next adventure of exploration and discovery.

Meanwhile, the old mind thinks that knowledge, is merely piled one on top of another, without displacing and making room for the new, greater idea,that implies, integrates and summarizes all the previously unconnected and disjointed information into a new, powerful simplicity of understanding, that is not merely the old repeated for thousands of years, and millions of times, with nobody bothering to ask, “Is this really true?” And do we really know what we are talking about -- except to repeat what we have been conditioned to repeat when prompted by the subject matter, as though it was some unquestionable, great truth.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just Doing Something Badly A Lot, Won’t Make One Good

Many people have been told often enough but erroneously, that if they just do anything, that will be enough to ensure that they become good at what they are doing, rather than the actuality that they become bad at what they re doing. Practicing to be thoughtless, bored and disengaged, does not result in its opposite.

Yet many people have grown up with this opposite-thinking taught to them quite deliberately by their schools and educators (personal trainers), as a reflection of their experience and understanding of the real world -- that everything happens the opposite of what they hope and work for -- rather than ever coming to the right conclusion, that everything they know is simply wrong and backwards. Still they persist in those ways and even feel it is their duty and station in life to see that as many others come to share that world view also -- which of course, produces much of the dysfunction and problems in the world, that they will insist, “just happens,” and not that they make it happen, with everything they think and do. They create that reality -- and also, spend their lifetimes undoing it.

So wouldn’t it be better not to create those difficulties for themselves as well as others in the first place? It is not that they are doing nothing but certainly and undeniably, everything they are doing is counterproductive to all they say are their objectives.

The people who are invariably in the worst condition, are those who are the experts of everything that doesn’t work -- and not that they are not experts and knowledgeable about anything. The problem is their denial of that wrongful expertise -- which if they could just understand that, would be that insight of clarity which would serve as a proper foundation for all their subsequent inquiries and efforts in life.

But in their confusion, all their efforts will create havoc and problems -- rather than their resolutions and elimination.

There are two basic responses to life in encountering any problem or difficulty: the healthy, natural approach is to eliminate those problems from one’s life. The unhealthy response is to create an infinitely bigger problem -- by one’s thoughts, words and deeds -- as though that was some kind of public service and intelligent thing to do.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Why Less Exercise is Better Than More

A conditioning regimen has to make sense evidently and immediately, and not something one forces on themselves with all kinds of jargon, theory and fanciful explanation -- about more being always better -- rather than to achieve that delicate balance of one thing to every other in the right proportions.

For virtually everyone, 1 to 5 minutes of daily, thoughtfully and strategically designed movement, is extremely beneficial and effective, than large amounts of infrequent, sporadic overexercise alternated with long periods of inattention and disengagement from such healthful considerations. So the proper and rightful frequency is daily and everyday -- for at least a minute, and then five, if one is able and capable -- but beyond that, has marginal gain for most.

The most productive is simply what is done in the first five minutes -- that determines if one can continue for the rest of the day, or one needs to spend the rest of that day -- and even onto the rest of that week, and maybe even months, recovering from that overexhaustion (of the recovery ability). They body is trying to tell one something.

But with very small amounts of intelligently designed movement -- stressing quality and fine motor coordination of the head, hands and feet which ties in to the major muscles in their supporting and stabilizing roles, one has preconditioned themselves to perform at their peak levels of efficiency and effectiveness for the rest of that day -- because the recovery ability has not be exhausted beyond repair (recoverry).

Champion athletes don’t simply do more than anyone else; they do it better, and embody that proficiency. They are extremely neuromuscularly efficient -- and that is the most noticeable thing about why they are the best at what they do -- and not simply how much effort they put into it. At the highest level of their art, all is done with the minimum of conscious effort -- which is that quality of grace that turns athleticism into art, and not just thinking that miracles are achieved through brute and unthinking force.

Only right understanding and right effort, produces the right results.

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Best One-Minute Exercise (Conditioning) Program

The biggest difference in amount of exercise is the difference between zero and one. If one does “one” of the right thing, it is more beneficial than zero -- but it must be the right thing, to make a huge and dramatic difference.

Thus the right question would be, what would be the single movement that would make the biggest difference in human functioning and conditioning?

That would be turning the head to the right 180 degrees to see directly behind one, and then turning the head back to the left 360 degrees to look at that same spot, and then back 360 degrees to the right, and repeat for a count of 50.

There is no more productive one minute of exercise (conditioning) for the body that makes as much difference in functioning and conditioning, no matter what one’s present condition is -- whether world-class athlete or recovering from a debilitating illness, and every condition in between. For those in the most weakened state, it can even be done while lying or sitting.

The healthful benefit of properly executed movement, is to produce an alternating muscular full contraction with a full relaxation, much in the manner that the heart can ONLY function, which makes it function as a dedicated pump for the circulatory system. However, the skeletal (voluntary) muscles of the body can also be trained to function in that same manner of producing a full contraction alternated with a full relaxation -- if it is simply required (taught) to do so, which would then aid the heart in providing that circulatory effect -- by pumping the blood (fluids) back to the heart, which is the weakness of the circulatory system -- the pumping of blood FROM the furthest extremities, and not pumping blood out TO the extremities, which the heart does unfailingly well.

It is the ability of the body to pump the blood back to the heart, or the function of the voluntary muscles, that determines the fitness and condition of each individual, rather than the limitation of the heart function -- which should be obvious to most on thoughtful consideration of this process.

The “bloated” look most “out-of-condition (shape)” people have, is mainly this inability to produce these powerrful and effective voluntary contractions at the extremities of the head, hands and feet -- that would immediately relieve the excessive fluid retention in the tissues in those areas and when continued, condition the body to provide that optimal flow to ensure its highest functioning, performance and appearance throughout the rest of the day of daily normal activities -- in creating the "space" for new blood and nutrients to enter, which is how hydraulic (circulatory) systems work.

For most people, that is all that is required to reach their highest functioning level each day -- and meet the minimum daily requirement for a healthy exercise regimen -- performed each day, as soon as practical upon awakening.
And because such movements are tremendously effective, the place one would direct such an enhancement to above all else, would be to the head and its critical organs of the body, which in turn, takes care of the body -- automatically, as the primary function of the brain, including regulating the function of the heart. That is the critical pathway and limiting factor in most people.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Within and Without You

One sees so many articles that proclaim that exercise is even good for the brain and brain functioning -- but no direct way to achieve that, by making exercise (increasing blood flow to the brain directly), as though it is a taboo or forbidden subject to consider.

I remember once discussing head movement with a prominent researcher in dementias who was all set to counter the notion that simple, thoughtful and self-evidently effective movements, might be the key to reclaiming the connection of mind and body, and did everything possible to demonstrate how producing “whiplash” by obviously dangerous, sharp and violent movements,” were not to be advised -- as though that was what I was suggesting.

I said that fullest articulation of the vertical and horizontal axes at the neck through slow deliberate movements, required the engagement of all the muscles in the body as the key to operating all the muscles of the body as though they were one, and as such, was the most efficient and ingenious design of (human) evolution that merely required us to observe that intelligence, and utilize it.

In many discussions of the traditional sort, there is this mention of exercising to “muscle failure” as though it was indeed a failure occurring only within the muscle -- rather than a signal from the brain to desist because the operating environment of the brain had reached a deficiency that didn’t allow energy to be expended on any other activity without jeopardizing the total resources and state of the body.

The body has to protect the brain foremost -- because that is the greatest insurer of its survival -- beyond any other physical activity or achievement. It means nothing, and will not be allowed, that one can sacrifice the brain and its functioning, for any other accomplishment. However, very slowly and deliberately, we can undermine and impair that functioning, if we have no awareness of this concept of total body functioning -- including the brain along with every other capability to respond.

That is how the body is designed to work -- and not just in the piecemeal understanding of everything unrelated, unconnected, unaffected by everything else. Many even (still) regard that the primary, if not whole functioning of the brain is to produce conscious thought rather than this total awareness beyond the categories and labels of conscious thought -- which is called in higher discussions, the function of the “big brain,” and not just the small petty mind cultivating its own ego -- as its highest expression of intelligence.

Beyond any spoken language and culture, is the universal language of the body that communicates and transcends this process of thought and operating out of memory -- in preference to reading life and intelligence directly as it is happening all around them -- and within them.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The 7-Day Total Transformation

I recently completed a prototype offering of the 7-Day Total Transformation, which in that time, hoped to transform a life so completely, that conditioning and fitness issues, no longer have to be attended to consciously as a struggle for the rest of one's life -- as it presently is designed, to require extraordinary effort to maintain, rather than no further effort and thought as simply the best way to precondition oneself for all the challenges of daily living, in which anything can be possible -- but one doesn't have to run a marathon every day, to ensure that one is capable of meeting the challenges of living in the 21st century.

A large part of meeting those challenges now, begin with the brain and brain functioning, and so conditioning and fitness preparation, should properly center on the circulatory effect to this area, rather than the circulatory action at the heart alone -- because the brain regulates the functioning of the heart, automatically, as a primary task. So whether the brain gets the richest flow of blood to the brain, determines what the environment the rest of the body thinks it is operating in -- because the brain is the sensor.

In most conventional exercises, that effect is usually to deprive the brain of maximum flow and consideration. Typical weight-training is a good example of this, in which a person constricts their neck muscles and thus, cuts off the flow to the brain, while directing it to some other area through the movement generally signified by the alternation of a contraction and relaxation, which is what causes fluid (blood) to flow in a hydraulic system. One cannot pump fluid into an area that has no provision for escape to another area, or in which the valves are shut off, as occurs when there is constant constriction and no release.

Thus obviously, we have a new and proper understanding of total body functioning, before we can hope to meaningfully embark on a transformation of that system (body) from suboptimal (dysfunctional), to fullest efficiency, performance and appearance -- which are all interrelated -- even as we have not seen the connection between each to the other, and often think, that they come as a choice of one or the other. But nature would not be so clumsy and inefficient in that way. The beauty of nature is that everything comes together in its own mysterious completeness -- whether we desire that or not. That is the categorical imperative of human nature also.

So when that effect is first initiated at the critical sensor of the brain -- it makes it possible to be achieved elsewhere, everywhere, and in everything also -- as the powerful yet simple, total transformation, that is achieved not through years of great struggle and effort, but learning how direct and simple it is, over a week of brief instruction on how the body already works, and in which, nobody else provides these instructions.