Tuesday, January 30, 2007

In Praise of the Bad, the Obese and the Ugly

I notice in the mainstream media lately that there is a campaign underway by politically correct writers to convince us that fat and out of shape people should not be discriminated -- and that is no way to judge the competence of that person -- in looking attractive or using their intelligence for that purpose. Apparently, if nobody wants to be seen with them or do anything with them -- often because their movements are greatly restricted, that should not be a basis for discriminating against them -- in favor of surrounding oneself with people without those limitations. One should treat those people with equal regard to those with superior abilities. Abilities should be no basis for discrimination, discernment and judgment.

Who knows?, if we weren’t all so prejudiced, that 400 lb. person could win the pole-vaulting competition. Why should we think they have a greater chance of injuring themselves than any other? It is only everybody else’s thinking that limits them. We should be encouraging them to take up the sport -- rather than suggesting they could lose a few pounds.

Those are the consequences of politically correct thinking -- that exhausting everybody else’s credulity and patience, makes whatever one wants to argue for, true -- even if one doesn’t really buy it themselves. The only person who has to “buy” it is the fat, ugly, malicious person sitting at the editor’s desk. That’s what they want everybody to believe -- and that’s all that is necessary to make it a fact, that one reads it in the newspaper or sees it on the television -- as the modern version of the “power trip” -- that one can make others believe anything they want them to.

That’s how power is wielded these days -- through misinformation, disinformation and resistance to finding out -- for oneself the truth of the matter. They’ll provide the arguments, they’ll provide the experts, but most of all, they’ll ask the most ignorant and quote them liberally on the subject -- because what the most uninformed person thinks, is just as, if not more important than a truly informed person -- but one shouldn’t be politically incorrect to discriminate the informed from the most informed -- or the most deceptive.

If the bad guys want to kill the good guys -- who are we to judge what is good and bad? The good guys are entitled to kill the bad guys just like the bad guys will surely intend to kill the good guys -- so why should it matter?

It used to be that mainstream media writers were just confused, unclear and conflicted -- but now, they’re moving into a new chapter of obfuscation, in which the height of achievement, for which they should win the Pulitzer if not the Nobel prize, is the demonstrated ability to convince everyone that exactly the opposite of everything their own judgment and good senses tell them, can never be trusted -- and that is the reason, we should allow them to do our thinking for us.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

If You Do Nothing Else

I don’t know what the most extreme level of sedentary behavior is these days that can produce bodies of human bean bags -- but I’m pretty certain that if one does nothing else but this simple exercise/movement, they already have exceeded the movement of 90% of those who think they are physically active -- except for these movements. And they are the critical ones, that if performed, pretty nearly require one to be at unprecedentedly higher levels of vitality than most people exhibit.

Far from having to lift up the sofa or desk for 10 repetitions, to demonstrate to others how “fit” one is, most astute observers of such things, rely on more subtle indicators of well-being, if not robustness, which seems to be so important among unfamiliar people in assessing the pecking order (dominance) -- which is the total exercise in many forums -- and nothing else! That seems to be true no matter what the cause for the gathering -- for many people, if not the dominant activity of contemporary life (contests -- imagined or actual).

The ability of greatest indication of physical range is that of bringing one’s knees up to one’s chest in the tightest configuration -- which of course the more mass one has in the way -- makes problematical, if not difficult or impossible. Getting to the position in which one’s knees can touch one’s chest or shoulders, requires one to have minimal excess mass in the way of achieving that. It doesn’t matter how one gets into that position: they can be lying on their back, seated, or kneeling and bending forward so that gravity aids this effort rather than provides resistance to it.

The only thing that matters is the distance of the knees from the chest and shoulders -- and if there is no intervening space, then one has achieved as great a range of torso movement as is indicative of good health. Any other range of movement -- is not as universally beneficial and can bring and pain and injury. Pain, as we hope everybody has been educated properly, is the body’s signal to stop what one is doing or risk injury -- as in the case that one moved in precisely the opposite direction of this recommended range -- in producing a back arch with the objective of moving the shoulders towards the buttocks as far as possible -- as in many age-old yoga movements, and even more contemporary attempts to experience the pain and burn.

The mind has no limit to what it can conceive as desirable for the human body to do -- and how it can measure that proficiency, but most of the things one can become good at, may actually be counterproductive than beneficial. Usually, the one good answer -- is the distinctive one among the unlimited bad ones. That is what makes it the right answer -- and not that anything is better than nothing, unconditionally and indiscriminately -- as is the mantra of mass marketing, propaganda and overconsumption.

One must be particularly careful in accepting the recommendations of the experts these days, because their expertise is usually having an inordinate amount of confidence in what they think they know, while the layman usually has a healthier amount of uncertainty that doesn’t make them as vulnerable to being so grossly wrong.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

District 21-23 Newsletter (Kapahulu-Kakaako)

Bob Kessler, District 23 Chair (Waikiki-Kakaako), would like to restart our joint (District 21- Waikiki-Kapahulu) monthly meetings on the 4th Wednesdays of each month, beginning with January 24, 2007, at 6 pm, 725 Kapiolani Blvd at Cooke Street.

It is a very personable and informal meeting at which to get a lot of big-picture insight on what is happening politically and in the Hawaii Republican Party particularly -- rather than attending one of these seemingly endless forums topics of interest often generate.

Then next month, we'll be having the caucus meeting at McCoy Pavilion, as sort of a magnet event for most of the city districts -- because these things are always a lot more fun when more people show up, although in any event and circumstances, we do the best we can with what we have. That's the hallmark of the alternative party in Hawaii -- which appreciates not having the luxury of wasting resources.

While it would be nice if we could replicate the Linda Lingle Campaign Committee fifty times, the fact is we don't have that sheer mass of numbers -- but we do have the best talent of the whole pool that if shared, creates a greater effectiveness. Republicans don't have that redundancy of everybody being the same; everybody is different -- and that poses a greater challenge in mobilizing and organizing, rather than the cookie cutter campaign committees that the Democrats excel at with their union and other powerful and well-organized narrow self-interest groups.

Obviously we're not going to be able to beat them at their own game -- for that would be a certain defeat of everything we stand for. So we have to design creative ways of combating that very mentality -- of winning at any cost, which is the problem of government and society in Hawaii. We even see a few people in the Democratic Party waking up to that -- and we should be encouraging those efforts to rid their party of the self-serving interest which are the corruption and problems of Hawaii.

Otherwise, it's Paradise -- but self-serving interest can make it a nightmare for everyone. Fortunately, we have a few unwavering voices of rationality and integrity in government -- while not the majority, have always been those rare voices of real leadership that eventually turn things around. So not to despair -- but to keep on meeting and talking with like-minded people who are not in denial over the obvious.

The good has always been the few -- but those are the ones who managed to change history, rather than the many who just went along with the injustices hoping to convince everybody that "everybody else is doing it -- so why not they?"

Mike Hu
3123 Esther Street
Honolulu, HI 96815
Districts 19-30 (Kaimuki-Kalihi): Tuesday, Feb. 20
McCoy Pavilion, Ala Moana Beach Park
Contact: Bobby Gocong
Anne Stevens 222-2964

Friends – At this year’s State Convention we elect party officers. In preparation, you host a caucus for your respective district. To respond to a question typically asked at your caucus, please inform your district members that I am running for Party Chair.

I know many of you and have informed you of my willingness and desire to be our next chair. I am humbled by your positive response. I look forward to meeting those of you who I have not met. I will attend as many caucus meetings and county conventions as possible. My contact info is below to answer questions.

I encourage you to increase the number of attendees to your caucus and to assist delegates to attend the State Convention. Join us at the Maui Convention ready to have fun and to work. Please select your best grassroots operators for district and county leadership positions and begin the process to win your respective seat in 2008. Please ask your most committed leaders to step forward as officers on the state and county executive committees.

I appreciate your passing this information to your delegates. I seek your support and I look forward to personally asking you to support my candidacy. I ask now that you inform your caucus that I am running for Party Chair.

Thanks, Willes
Willes Lee

Serve Dinner at the Next Step Kaka'ako Homeless Shelter

Summary: We have been providing dinner each month to the shelter so please join us for this great cause. Please call us to volunteer!
When: Wednesday, January 31, 2007 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Where: off Forest Avenue in Kaka'ako
Honolulu, HI
Who: Eliza Talbot

The Lincoln Day Dinner and Silent Auction

You are cordially invited to join us at the 2007 Lincoln Day Dinner
at the Hilton Hawaiian Village - Coral Ballroom

Thursday, February 15, 2007
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

A Benefit for the Hawaii Republican Party.
Silent Auction, Cocktails, and Dinner
Aloha Attire
For Reservations or to donate an item to the Silent Auction call 593-8180.

When: Thursday, February 15, 2007 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Where: The Hilton Hawaiian Village
Who: Joanne Bretschneider

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From: kessler.hawaii@hawaiiantel.net
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Sent: Tue, 16 Jan 2007 11:15 AM
Subject: HD21/23 Meeting 1/24

Aloha all - And Happy New Year. Our next joint HD21 and 23 meeting will be held Wednesday, January 24, at GOP HQ, 725 Kapiolani. Meeting starts at 6PM. The agenda will include summarizing the election results and upcoming events, including Lincoln Day, district caucuses and the convention in May.

Hope to see you all there.

Bob Kessler
Chair, HD 23
Ph 922-6188

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Role of the Teacher

The proper role of a teacher is to instill confidence so that one can eventually and ultimately discover the unknown on their own. That is the measure of success for any real teacher; the phony ones think that the job of the teacher is to ensure their own job security -- which is therefore, to make the student dependent on their instruction -- for the rest of their lives if possible.

And in fact, the more of this kind of education one receives, the more he requires “more education,” or in the informal media versions, unending “more infotainment.” They become addictions of themselves -- finding out what the New York Times thinks is so important, etc.

The exception is finding better and better sources of information that is a stimulus to one’s own thinking. The old mainstream media won’t like that because they want to do all the thinking for everybody else -- as their power and control in this world. Undoubtedly, they will be very successful at maintaining this control over some people -- but not the best people, who are also the most formidable and influential.

Such people have always existed as de facto leaders, even while they were reviled and disrespected while they lived. Once dead, they are no longer threats and can then be honored and celebrated. But while they lived, and as they lived, they were a challenge to the entrenched status quo who got where they are because of the way things were -- and predictably, had no interest in changing that.

If it was by instructing the “ignorant,” they regarded that ensuring a steady supply of ignorant people, was their job. Likewise, there is more money to be made instructing the incompetent than the competent -- unless one has clearly established supercompetence, which only the very competent can recognize. But then becomes the problem of competition, envy, resentment and the claims that they thought of it first. Some politicians may even claim that they “invented it," along with every great idea that has ever arisen in that society and culture, and that is why they should be President.

Very often now, it is the people in media, who initially began interviewing great thinkers and doers in society, who then decide to cut out the middleman and just place themselves as the greatest thinkers in the world. Editors are not immune from such delusions and ambitions also. That is how power corrupts -- particularly in people who have never developed the proper humility that goes with creating anything on their own. They think it is enough just to claim the credit.

A few years back, I recall offering a suggestion on how it might be possible to have an arthritis cure, to which I was chastised that “anybody who claims to have a cure for arthritis is a con-artist,” and a few years later on checking back in on their website, saw that their greatest fundraiser was the book they were offering for having written the authoritative book of alternative cures for arthritis.

The proper role of the teacher is to challenge authority at the highest level -- to discern the truth beyond mere authority.

Understanding Conditioning, Channel 52 (OAHU) 1/18/2007 11:00:00 AM A revolutionary new way of looking at exercise. Environmental/Health

Designing an Exercise Program for Whatever Condition You’re In

Having seen and worked with a lot of people in varying conditions, from “world’s greatest athletes” to people given “no hope” -- I particularly like the latter challenge in first inquiring, “What can you still do; what movement is possible?” -- and from that, we design an exercise program, and quite probably, in the doing of it, increase that proficiency and capability 100% immediately -- and continuing at that pace daily, we soon achieve a result that could not even be imagined a few days before.

But one has to begin with the possible -- and actual, and not just the theoretical and wishful thinking that if one could do the prescribed (ideal) routine, one could get into great condition. If one could do that ideal routine, one would already be in excellent condition -- but since one is in the worst, we have to begin there -- with movements that are possible, and within the realm of present capabilities.

For even most bedridden people, and even paralyzed people, there is still movement at one or more of the extremities at the head, hands and feet -- which is already an indication that there is some function, if not the fullest range possible to most (average) people. But every individual has their own full range -- which is the only reality that is relevant to address. It doesn’t matter what the most flexible person in the world can do -- if one can barely move. But within even this latter person’s universe, is a whole range of possibilities -- which first have to be explored (determined), before being increased, or any attempt made to do so -- not because there is danger of injury but because the "professionals" have already pronounced that there is no hope for recovery and improvement, and thus any change is inconceivable.

Many yardsticks for determining such mobility are totally ludicrous -- in asking a person to perform movements even in the best of conditions, they would have found difficult or problematical, yet based on that theoretical possibility for “acceptable” range of movement, the physical therapist pronounced that no hope for improvement was possible. At no time, was any attempt made to determine what such an individual could do -- in their present condition.

On the other hand, there are some people who despite all the great problems and pain they experience constantly, are adjudged to have nothing wrong with them -- because their range of movement far surpasses that of most normal people. But when one loses half one’s capability, it’s the other side of doubling one’s momentary capability -- and represents a significant change in state of health and capabilities that one will undoubtedly notice and be concerned about.

So one of the first things any instructor would do is first properly determine present capabilities -- and not just those he thinks everybody ought to be able to do -- as though he knew what that should be for everyone. The good teacher, will first find that out -- learning what the student’s present capability is -- and not merely what he unilaterally decides it should be. That is the chief failing of the institutional model of education -- with its well known failures, likely to grow worse continuing on that path.

Understanding Conditioning Channel 52 (OAHU) 1/18/2007 11:00:00 AM A revolutionary new way of looking at exercise. Environmental/Health

Determining the Bogus from the Authentic

The problem with most off-the-shelf “fitness” programs -- including those taught by most “certified” instructors, is that they presume you’re in good condition -- and if you aren’t, they weed you out, so at the end, the program is “successful” for those to whom the program works. The countless others will be urged to continue their training under long term contracts because only then, will the results be forthcoming -- if they haven’t been evident all along, they promise.

A lot of people fall for that -- because they’re not offered any alternatives but what their fitness professional says is the only way things have to be -- and suggest if you try anything else or any other way, you’ll die of a heart attack because the others might not have been “certified” in First Aid and CPR -- which is largely what “fitness instructor certifications” certify -- that one has previously gone through the properly accredited First Aid and CPR class (offered to anyone) -- and have had that training kept current by the accreditor's time table for ensuring steady and reliable income too.

So they convince the unwary -- of qualifications that have not been proven effective, but are immensely profitable to the accrediting organizations -- which may exist for no other reason than to produce a steady revenue stream from their captive clientele. The first who have to be convinced of the value of such “credentials” are of course the “professionals” themselves, hoping in this manner to secure a competitive advantage -- if for no other reason, by shrinking the pool of people “du(e)ly qualified" to practice in this field.

There may be legitimate courses that are very different from the bogus -- which many people lack any means of determining, mostly because of an inferior education (conditioning) that doesn’t enable or empower them to question the claims of any other who may be more forceful, intimidating or unscrupulous at asserting theirs.

One would hope that the newspapers and other media would be the first line of defense in protecting the public from misinformation, but in these times, have become the greatest source of misinformation, and are poor judges of the validity of the new. That’s why they like to repackage the old as the new, and call that “news.”

These are the very kinds of people, scam artists look for in aiding them in their deceptions -- the guy so sure he knows something but would never know how to find out for themselves. They think it is enough just to express an opinion on every matter in an authoritative way -- and if less confident people believe them, that is truth enough.

These people are usually pretty easy to spot in person: they don’t look like healthy human beings, or human beings at all anymore, and they work in cubicles that house a lot of people who look just like them -- so nobody notices that these people are far from being your average person -- but have metamorphosed into something else entirely.

These are people you don’t want as your first line of defense -- in determining reliable information.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

If You Don’t Care, Nobody Else Will

It’s very important when one is still young, that they receive an education (conditioning) by which they are self-driven, rather than relying on the approval and approbation of others -- because as the years go by, those who are self-driven, differentiate from those who will only do what others reward them for -- with disastrous results!

Many people then grow up doing only what somebody else wants (rewards) them to do -- and not feeling they can reward themselves in that manner, whenever they want to. So if it is to get in shape or do something for their own benefit -- it’s not worth doing, because somebody else is not paying them to do so. Or the reason many think to look good, is for the sake of another, and not for their own sake first, and then as a gift to others. No, they demand somebody should pay them handsomely first -- or why should they care, why should they make the effort, why should they give that pleasure to anyone else -- freely?

Likewise, many people will do nothing unless they get credit for it and can put it on their resume -- or are loved and validated by somebody else. If nobody cares about them, why should they care about themselves? So their understanding of the world is faulty -- leading to the despair of futilely wondering why somebody else is not making the world work for them.

People with that worldview of personal powerlessness, feel they are incomplete and worthless -- and it should be a crime to educate people in that way -- totally humiliating and disempowering them to seek the validation of others as the justification for their own existence. Some teachers may not know any better, or shouldn’t be in the business of teaching anyone anything.

When one is young, there are many willing to tell one what to do, and how to live one’s life -- but as one grows older, others are no longer interested, and why it is so important to have one’s own reason for being. Life matters because one makes them matter -- and nobody can do it for anybody else, though the technology for living long and well exists. That is the easy part; the motivation to value them, is something else entirely.

So it is very important throughout one’s life, to realize that value is created first by each individual for themselves -- or one cannot expect any other to care more than we do about our lives. People who demand that others should care more than they do themselves, don’t understand that caring is something we all create in our being, and that’s why it matters.

It always begins with the little things -- which grow to be big things in time and persistence. That’s usually the way it happens -- one thing naturally leading to the next, rather than, one planning out the big picture finality and hoping all the details just fall into place. It doesn’t happen that way --in a life, or a civilization.

Attention to details and not grand delusions leading to greater disappointment, disenchantment and devaluing of oneself, is the daily work of a meaningful and purposeful life. Caring properly begins with oneself -- and that communicates itself.