Wednesday, August 19, 2015

In Its Own Mysterious Way

Life always works out -- in its own mysterious way.  That may not be the way we want it to -- or plan for, but it always works out.  That is what happens.  That is life.  

It's more than any one individual can conceive of and comprehend -- because it is the sum of the whole, that the greatest has not mastered in their own lives.  Those are the limits of their universe, though they may think they have seen and done it all.

The world is not just what one person makes of it, but what we all make of it.  When we realize that, then we are part of all of life, and not just our small part of it -- that we hope to grow a little larger. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Denial is not a Solution

Many insist there is no problem -- as their way of solving it.  But the problems never go away, and naturally grow worse -- though they go into denial, more and more about those realities. Eventually there is a full disconnect -- from the realities and one's explanation of it.  Ultimately, nothing is related to anything else anymore, and the explanations (excuses), take on a life of their own, because it has no tie to any reality anymore.

That's what people and a culture are like, when they prefer their wishful-thinking over the actuality of their actual circumstances -- until they can no longer deny or ignore the many catastrophes -- that seem to have come up quite without warning and deserving.  "Randomness just happens," they will proudly proclaim, as though that explained everything.

Especially in Paradise.  Naturally, there are too many "homeless" and "poor," living in Paradise -- as though such a thing were possible.  True paradise would be the elimination and absence of those problems -- and not just the denial of them, wishing it would make it so.  As long as they are denied, it is not possible to solve any of them -- but once they are recognized, is the foundation for a solution.  Solutions must be based on a foundation in reality -- and not simply the desire that things were not as they actually are -- with no way out, nobody who believes any problem can be solved anymore, because nobody had done so, in many decades now.

It even came to be believed, that the job of everyone now, was to perpetuate the problems -- as their own job security.  What would the world be like -- if it wasn't for all the problems to keep idle minds and hands busy?

But the true work of any society, is to improve life beyond what it has been before -- and not just repeat it, for time immemorial -- even if it is "the way we've always done things" -- as the fall from grace and perfection, many believe we began from.  And ever since, it's been downhill.  

In certain places, that can be the reality -- rather than the improvement most feel are their birthright now.  Unless they choose badly, one of the few places where the quality of life seems to be in decline, among those who do have a choice among the many.  Just the belief that there can be no place on earth better, prevents one from considering and exploring the alternatives.  Those who can, are obviously at an advantage -- over those who are certain, nothing could be better -- even as badly as things are for them.

Improvement is nearly impossible under those conditions -- as the "work" of society, has become the perpetuation of their problems, rather than any resolution of any of them -- which drives off the "fit," as their means to survival.  The "fit," are those who can see the truth as the truth, and the truth in the false -- and be able to tell the difference -- rather than deny, that there can be any difference.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Finding Out What Works For You

Not everything works for everybody -- all the time.  Some things work only for a few -- but it works nevertheless.  That's what each person has to do for themselves -- as their unique quest in life.  If they don't, the consequences are grim -- leading to elimination and extinction.  Individually, that is death, but long before that, is the decreasing ability to respond to life, in its unending challenges.  But surely, that is what life is about -- the only thing that gives it meaning.  Those who can still rise to the challenge of life -- every day.  That is being at one's best, all one's life.  That is what it means to be "fit."

That is the key to mastering "life" -- the vital force within.  Once that is extinguished, deterioration cannot be far behind.  It is the sum product of all the forces without.  One is the manifestation and actualization of that environment -- in that time.  That creates reality.

The reality of today is that the old inhibitions and prohibitions are falling away -- creating the possibilities for greater realizations, and understanding of the present as it just came into being.  Obviously the world is getting better for many more -- despite the protestations of a few that they are getting hopelessly worse and dismal.

Those are the choices one can be making in every life.  Some choices will enhance their chances for survival (success), while others, will produce failure (death).  All the choices are not equal -- and some make a bigger difference than others.  The results speak for themselves.  Either one is getting better, or one is getting worse -- but always changing.  Nothing in life, can merely stay the same -- forever.  That is not the nature of life.

The nature of life, is to keep on improving -- or it perishes.  Improving is more than just denying that things aren't getting better -- as though that were enough to make it so.  The truth is self-evident to others as well -- particularly to those who trust their own senses, instead of believing what others would like them to.  That is some people's culture and personalities, and the only reality they have ever known.