Thursday, July 16, 2015

Nothing More Important To Do

It should be obvious, but to many people, it isn't.  They insist they are other than what they actually do -- and would like other people to believe they are.  So for such people, there is always the difference between what they do -- and what they wish other people to believe, despite what they actually do.  That leads many to conclude that they are "hypocrites" -- people who do one thing, and claim that it is something else, so that others should not trust their own senses, but instead, believe what they say.  In that way, others become as confused as they are -- of what their true "intentions" are, in addition to their actions.

That manner of "doing," becomes quite acceptable as the way of the world, where nothing is as it obviously is.  Thus, many do not know what happened, until somebody else explains it to them -- in their very contorted logic.  Such people are easy to spot, spending most of their time explaining what they are doing, rather than actually doing anything.  How could they be?

Doing is always an integrative action.  Talking is the act of fragmentation -- of creating many different versions of the one reality.  Reality is always the One Thing -- and not many different explanations of what is happening -- which of course, fragments the reality into many tiny parts -- often in contradiction of one another.  That is the problem of living in any age.

Many cling to the tiny parts as though they were the whole -- which must be a unifying comprehension, and not just more separate, conflicting realities.  That only adds to the confusion -- and never reducing it.  Usually, the facts speak for themselves -- rather than needing interpreters of every persuasion and ideology.

So all of life, is a quest for this truth of the matter -- and this truth, will keep them ageless.  but when one only lives in the shadows of their delusions, eventually it must come to an end.  Before that, is the dying to the truth more and more each day.  That's what kills.  Dying to the truth.  But if one lives fully in the truth, there is no such dying -- for the truth is living in the present and each moment -- fully. Somewhere along the line, we lose that connection, the mind-body, and live increasingly, in lonly the reality of the mind.  That is the danger at any age, but especially so as one ages.  That is why some do it well, but many do it badly.

That is the final challenge, and we hope to get that right too.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Doing Everything Wrong -- and Refusing to Change

That is a fatal combination.  Not surprisingly, that is always and inevitably fatal. One could not expect anything different -- yet many people make up their minds, even at an early age, to do everything wrong, and refuse to change.  That is the process of dying, and before that,the slow dying we call "aging," because we refuse to change, for whatever reason.  One is set in their ways, and is no longer responsive, and meeting the challenges of their everyday living, appropriately.  One simply waits, for the inevitable end -- paralyzed in thought, deed and action.  Waiting for the end.

It doesn't have to be that way, and isn't, for those who remain responsive to life -- at every age.  But that is the difference -- whether one is responsive, and responds appropriately, optimally, beneficially -- and not just indiscriminately, as though nothing makes a difference, but one keeps on doing it anyway.  Obviously, if something is not working, doing more of it, is not going to make the difference one desires -- but only give them the same result -- time after time, after time.

The obvious is that one must do something different, to get a different result, and eventually, the desired result -- but one cannot achieve that, by doing that which doesn't work -- no matter how much more times.  Fortunately, there is not just one way things can be done -- but many ways, until one discovers what works wonderfully -- and can move on to the next challenge to a better life.  That has always been the challenge of living in any age.

So the solution must solve the problem -- and not just keep it going, and getting worse.  The easy answer then, is that one must be doing the opposite of what one is doing, and not just the opposite of what would make perfectly good sense to do, and would actually solve the problem, rather than perpetuating it for all time.  That is the culture of dysfunction -- and not a more perfect society, which of course, must be composed of more perfect individuals.  It doesn't just happen because people wish it so.  They have to do things that actualize that reality -- even if they are the first, the pioneers in doing it that way -- that leads to a better way for others.

But first, it has to be discovered and manifested by one, to make it a reality and choice for others.  Until then, we don't know we have that possibility -- until someone actually manifests it -- and not just say that someone (else) should.  Few are conditioned to think this way.  Most are conditioned to believe they have no choice -- in all the thoughts and actions of their lives.  Somebody else is always responsible -- for solving the problems of their lives.  But they themselves, think that they cannot solve the problems of their own lives -- in that direct and obvious way, in being the way one lives their lives successfully.

Seldom is it the case that there are "no results."  Much more likely, is that there are not the results one desires -- rather than that it is acknowledged that one is getting the wrong results, and the desired results, require different actions -- beginning with the understanding of the problem, and the conditioning that makes it so.  One is never simply "doing nothing," but always "doing something" -- even if for a wrong and disastrous result.

Then one sees the cause and effect -- or karma, of actions leading to results.  It may not be what we intended, or would like others to believe is true, but it is the result of our actions.  Some would have us believe that there is no link or consequence between what we do, and what we experience -- as the result of our actions (exercise), which largely explains (determines) the person we are.  That may be a prematurely old and dysfunctional person -- but doesn't have to be, not just because one wishes it were not so -- but doing differently to make it so.  That will make a difference.  That is the only thing that will.